Minutes of the Meeting of Council held at Gowerton Comprehensive School Hall on Wednesday 2 September 2020 at 5.45pm.



PRESENT:  Councillors: Gareth Evans, Paul Emmerton, Susan Jones, Ann Guard, Linda Bolchover, Ros Holt, Lyneth Howells, Viv Davies, Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.


Also present: Elwyn Gedrych, who has expressed an interest in joining the Community Council.



30.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr B Small


31.      DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS:  Cllr Bolchover declared an interest in Point 39 – Report of the Chairperson.


32.       MEETINGS WITH: None held due to Covid-19 restrictions.




34.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 1 July 2020.

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.




Cllr Jones gave the following report:


Monthly Report for September 2020.


Meetings attended have all been through Teams.  There seems to be very little scrutiny at this time, so decisions are all under the Cabinet of City and County of Swansea.


There are a number of issues that have been communicated through residents: -

  1. Speeding traffic through many areas of Gowerton – I have requested:


  1. That we have a traffic survey on both Cecil and Gorwydd Road.
  2. I have asked for costings for “Driver Speed Indicators” for both Cecil and Gorwydd Road.
  3. I have asked for costings to reduce the kerb on Victoria Rd to encourage use of second entrance into the Rugby and Cricket Ground to encourage pedestrians to have greater vision of the traffic.
  4. I have also submitted a request for a pavement to be installed from Clos Helyg to the pelican crossing near Tesco’s under a Capitol Scheme.  This is important for the pupils' direct route to the Primary School from the village.
  5. Requested that the yellow lines on Ffordd Beck be enforceable.

I have, again, had complaints regarding the overhanging bushes on the pavement along Victoria Rd, and have requested (as I have previously), that the landowner be contacted to cut the footpath.  There are many pupils that attend the schools that walk the common on a daily basis.

I have received complaints about the lane from Y.G.G to the shop in Mount Pleasant and have put a request for the NEAT Team to address this area. A resident and I did a litter pick in this area, I have also had a litter pick by the Authority in this location.  A team from City and County of Swansea removed a lorry load of dumped rubbish from behind the shop and I would appeal for people to use the refuge collection.


There have been some issues with the new development of George Manning Way and I am arranging a meeting with the contractor and representatives from the residents to address the problems.


Many residents from Cecil Road are concerned with the building work at Ysgol Gufyn Gwyr and the raising of the ground levels which they feel will affect the drainage into their gardens.  I am awaiting more information on this issue.


The smaller culvert on Brynymor Rd has eventually been cleared of all the patio wood boards and fencing – a lorry of rubbish cleared from the culvert.  I would again appeal to residents not to put garden rubbish and other items over their back fences but to use the kerbside collections or take to the recycling Centre at Llansamlet.  The knock-on effect on the flooding in that area is horrendous. It is good to hear that one resident is back home after the last flooding incident in February.


There are processes being considered to allow the opening of the Rechabite and Church Halls.  I would like to thank the St.John’s Church Hall for housing the Food Bank over the last few weeks this has helped many residents over this time.


I had the honor of cutting the ribbon for the new Pharmacy on the 1st. Of September. The shop is very spacious and bright, there are two consulting rooms.  Also a 24 hour Dispensing Machine which has been installed. (The second such machine to be installed in Wales)  I would like to congratulate Dan Jones on his new business (and his stickability) on this much needed facility in the village –good luck to him and his Staff.


The Elba Sports Complex pitches has been closed over this period, and the accessing of the pitches have been subjected to much vandalism and people leaving their litter over this time.  I have been opening and closing the gates over the weekends to prevent the residents of the Elba being affected by parking issues and music during the early hours of the mornings.  There should be news over the next few days with regard to the pitches being made available again.


Can I remind everyone that this Corona Virus Pandemic is still with us, and we need to be sensible and maintain social distancing and washing of hands whenever possible and use masks in small areas, as per Government guidance. 


Can I also say that if you know of anyone who needs help with things to either give me a ring or message me.  We have been so fortunate in the village over this last few months with so many amazing volunteers and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their continuing help.  It was good to see that Richard Harris had recognition from Gower Heroes for his co-ordinating of the Rugby and Cricket Clubs in connection with Nomad Bar and Kitchen for their Sunday Lunches. Well Done to you All and a big Thank you. You certainly are our local heroes.


There have also been many individual issues that I have dealt with over the last few months.  These everyday problems always need dealing with and I do the very best I can to help our local residents.








Cllr Gareth Evans gave the following report:


Chair's report.

1.The awards for the Art competition last October have still not been presented to the winners in the Junior school. However, an email has been sent to Suzie Ralph to re-arrange.I have also requested a list of the winners from year 6 who have now moved on to the Comprehensive school.

2. I cannot envisage the Father Christmas grotto being held in December as it would be impossible to practice social distancing. This event to be reviewed on a monthly basis depending on Welsh government guidelines.

3. Enforcement order on 9, Bishwell road -there has been an increased activity in removing debris from the property with trees and abandoned vehicles to be removed. However, the owner cut a tree, which fell and caused damage to a neighbours’G telephone line.

4. The National joint council for local government services has agreed new pay scales for 2020/2021 commencing 1st April, 2020.Allison to update the council members.

5.Feedback from the Rechabite hall management committee meeting held on wednesday,26th August 2020.I would like to report how unhappy I was with the code of conduct displayed by the chair in regards to a local dignatory who attended. It was embarrassing, bullying and totally unprofessional behaviour.  I thought it most disrespectful.

Rechabite Management Committee commenced with discussion regarding hall- hire conditions that invited leaders of various groups to agree the terms and conditions as follows; Special condition3, "You will be responsible for cleaning all equipment and surfaces ie. door handles, light switches, toilet handles and seats, wash basins, heating controls likely to be used during your period of hire before other group members arrive and to keep the premises clean through regular cleaning of surfaces during your hire, using your own products. Also clean all surfaces as above on departure. Please take care cleaning electrical equipment. Use cloths and do not spray."

How can you ensure that each user group (if they sign up for it) will do the job they are asked to do in an efficient manner and standard? I did suggest that one person be responsible so that standards be maintained but this was rejected. As we are a User group, I would not be personally be prepared to sign up for clause SC3, but to monitor the situation to observe Covid 19 restrictions and any subsequent changes.











38(a)      Miscellaneous


1.         Photos and a few lines about each Councillor to be used on the website and future

newsletters.  Clerk has seen this on other Community/Town Council websites.  An opportunity for members of the Community to know who the local Councillors are, especially people who are new to the village.


2.         Discuss NEST pension scheme for Clerk as this has not yet been set up. It is a pension

            Scheme on earnings over £6240 and up to £50,00.

            Employee Contribution is 4%, HMRC contribution is 1%, Employer Contribution is 3%.



3.         Members of the public attending future meetings. Where do we stand with this and

current restrictions?

Are we able to advertise meeting details on the website?

Yes, but stipulate that members of the public wishing to attend meetings MUST

 contact the Clerk prior to the meeting.


4.         Christmas event. Are we able to hold anything at all? Or will this prove too difficult given

 the current restrictions? We need to post details on website if cancelled in 2020.

To be reviewed in next meeting but unlikely to proceed this year.


5.         National Salary Award 2020/21.  The National Joint Council for Local Government has

agreed the new pay scales for 2020/21 to implemented from 1 April 2020.


2019 SCP 14   £11.67 per hour x 20 hrs - £233.40 per week.  £12,136.80 per annum.

2020 SCP 14   £12.00 per hour x 20 hrs = £240.00 per week. £12,480 per annum.


Backdated from 1 April 2020 to 25 August 2020. (21 weeks @ £6.60 pw) = £138.60





















38 (b) Financial Matters

The following items for payment are for authorization/ratification:



Order Number

















Allison James

office allowance






Bay Landscapes

Month of June Inv no 01549













Allison James

Stationery reimbursement




















AG Tree Surgery

Work at 94 Brynymor Road






Allison James

Salary - July













Gowerton Cricket Club

Chair allowance donation






HP Instant Ink

Monthly Ink - July






Cllr Small

Reimbursement of telephone costs







PAYE period 6/6/20 - 5/7/20






Allison James

Telephone allowance






A G Tree Surgery

To cut overhanging tree at Hill Street






Bay Lanscapes Ltd

Monthly charge - July 2020 Inv 01563






Allison James

Salary - August





not yet paid


PAYE period 6/7/20 - 5/8/20




































1.         24.7.20 – Email from Cllr Jones. Copied into correspondence sent to CCOS regarding a damaged Bollard outside CK’s supermarket on Sterry Road.

No Action required. For info only.


2.         24.7.20 – Email from a resident regarding a re housing issue. Passed on to Cllr Jones as this is not a Community Council issue.  Cllr Jones contacted CCOS and the resident.

No Action required by Community Council.


3.         24.7.20 – Email from Cllr Jones sending a link to Queens Award for Volunteers. It was suggested that we nominate the volunteers from the village who have helped the village through the Covid19 pandemic.

Action – Clerk researched this but unfortunately, the groups do not meet the conditions. It is required that the groups have been volunteering for a minimum of 3 years on a regular basis.  No further action required.


4.         27.7.20 – Email from the Clerk to Community Council informing them of the passing of Mr Dennis Harvard of Clos Bevan, age 97.  Cllrs asked for condolences to be passed to Mr Havards Family. Noted


5.         27.7.20 – Email from Cllr Jones to Dwr Cymru regarding litter around the pumping station opposite Gowerton RFC.  Requested litter be picked from inside the fenced area, as volunteers have cleared up around the outer area but cannot access the fenced area.

No action required – for info only.


6.         29.7.20 – Email from Clerk to Bay Landscaping Ltd informing them that the standing order on 1st of every month will be cancelled and Community Council will pay on a monthly basis on receipt of an invoice, in accordance with accounting guidelines. Noted


7.         29.7.20 – Email from Ruth Henderson, Planning Dept, CCOS giving notification that CCOS have approved three draft supplementary planning guidance documents for public consultation:

-Revised Gower AONB Design Guide

-Development and Biodiversity

-Trees, Hedgerow and Woodland on Development Sites


We will be notified when consultations go live and are able to comment. Noted


8          29.7.20 - Email from One Voice Wales to say they will be using Star Leaf video conferencing for its remote meetings and future webinar training sessions.  This is available at a cost of £10 per month. To enable access to webinair training and meetings with OVW. Noted


9          29.7.20 – Email from One Voice Wales – a checklist for managing working from home. Noted


10        30.7.20 – Email from Western Power with information about attending an online meeting regarding initiatives about supporting people in vulnerable circumstances or in fuel poverty .

Action – Clerk forwarded email to Joanne Edwards, LAC officer and Cllr Jones, Ward member.


11        30.7.20 – Email from Andrea Pugh, Safe and Warm Initiative informing us that they had received over 420 applications for their Safe and Warm Grant and on this occasion, we were unsuccessful.  Noted



12        31.7.20 – Email from Rhian Ball, CCOS Planning Department, confirming that our complaint regarding signage on the wall of 54 Ffordd Beck, Gowerton has been registered and is being dealt with.  This was following a telephone call on 16/7/20 to the Clerk for the Community Council from a resident who was concerned that the signage was a distraction on a busy roundabout.  An email was sent from the Clerk to the Resident on 4/8/20 to let him know we had reported it and it is now in the hands of CCOS planning department. Noted


13        2.8.20 – Email from Cllr Holt expressing concern about overhanging trees from the triangle of land onto Hill Street.

Clerk spoke to Cllr Evans, chairperson to get authorisation to get them trimmed back asap for fear of them falling and injuring a member of the public.  AG Tree Surgery came out the following morning and trimmed them back to make them safe. No further action needed.


14        2.8.20 – Email from a resident complaining about litter on Gorwydd Road.  The bin was removed previously by CCOS as it was constantly being used by residents for household waste.  Cllr Evans cleared the litter in this area. Cllr Jones has contacted the NEAT team. Litter in the village seems to be an ongoing problem. Noted


15.       3.8.20 – Email from One Voice Wales regarding a vacancy for a clerk to Grovesend Community Council. Clerk forwarded on to Councillors for information in the event they know of a suitable person who might wish to apply. No further action required.


16.       3.8.20 – Email from One Voice Wales regarding training courses available. Noted


17.       3.8.20 – Email from Cllr Jones with information from Richard Mears regarding electric charging points near the Commercial pub. Noted


18.       5.8.20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Survey to be carried out by older people in the Community regarding Covid 19.  The email was sent on to Councillors by the Clerk for distribution to anyone they thought might want to fill out the survey.Noted


19.       5.8.20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Final form to claim any loss of income due to Covid 19.  Not applicable to Gowerton Community Council as discussed in a previous meeting.  No action required.


20.       5.8.20 – Email to Alan Hughes, Parks Dept from Clerk to the Council. Informing him we have not received an invoice following delivery of floral displays for the village. Mr Hughes replied the same day, stating our new email had been noted and Gretta Armstrong, Finance Officer for Parks Dept would send the invoice in due course. Clerk to monitor.


21.       6.8.20 – Email from Cllr Small stating she had received telephone charges for the Council audio meeting held in June and July for a total of £19.52.  Clerk, after seeking authorisation from Cllr Evans, Chairperson, reimbursed Cllr Small by BACS payment to the amount of £19.52.  This will be shown on the list of finance in the Clerks report at the meeting on 2/9/20.

No other Councillor had received charges.  No further action needed.


22.       13.8.20 – Email from One Voice Wales regarding Best Practice Guides.  This was sent on to Councillors who all agreed that there were some excellent ideas in there for improving our services and communication with the Community.Noted


22.       13.8.20 – Email from One Voice Wales. A Corona virus update newsletter which was duly passed on to all Councillors. For information only.


23.       13.8.20 – Email from Cllr Sue Jones stating that she had emailed Mathew Boyer in Highways Dept, CCOS stating her concerns about the road surface on Park Road and Cecil Road.  Classroom building being contructed in YG Gwyr and machinery and lorries are having a detrimental effect on the condition of the roads in the area. Cllr Jones requested that the road be monitored and resurfaced when development has finished.

No action required – For info only.


24.       14.8.20 – Clerk sent an email to Sarah Hunt of Gowerton Comprehensive School with a request to use the School Hall for the meeting in September as it was not known if the Rachabite Hall would be open for use by then.  Sarah replied that we could use the hall, with no rental charge for one off useage. Clerk has since contacted Sarah Hunt and arranged meetings for the next six months, to be reviewed.


25.       22.8.20           - Phone call from Mr B Davies of Country Stores, Gowerton. Mr Davies said that the trees from the graveyard were overhanging his property and causing problems and requested that they be cut back asap.  Clerk advised him that the trees were not the responsibility of Gowerton Community Council and suggested he contact Sally Jones of CCOS who could advise Mr Davies who he needed to contact regarding the trees/ownership of the land.

No further action required.


26.       25.8.20 – Email from Cllr Lyneth Howells expressing concern about the parking problems on Sterry Road.  Vehicles parking on double yellow lines and on the pavement.  Cllr Howells asked whether more prominent signs could be put up in that area. See matters for business 39.9


27.       25.8.20 – Email from Cllr Small to report that large branches had fallen off trees in the strong winds at the back of Glanmorfa.  Clerk contacted Martin Bignell immediately via phone call and email to report this. Noted


28.       28.8.20           - Email trail from Cllr Jones between her and Transport Officer in CCOS regarding “slow down” signs on the track between Gowerton to Dunvant. These will be put in place imminently to encourage more care and consideration of all users of the track.

No action required – for info only.








1.    In response to the Chairpersons report (ref 36.5) Cllr Bolcholver stated that all members were contacted and the Ward Member turned up without notice from City and County of Swansea Officers. Julie Morgan from CCOS who attended the meeting regarding the Rechabite Hall, staged that Cllr Jones was entitled to attend the meeting. A letter has since been received from CCOS saying that they had failed to inform the managers of the Rechabite Hall that Cllr Jones would be attending.


Cllr Evans stated he was unhappy with the new cleaning conditions of the hall hire. It was put to vote on whether Community Council were prepared to adhere to the conditions and the vote was unanimous that they would not.  It was agreed to review the situation on a monthly basis going forward.


All present agreed that the managers have done an excellent job of running the Rechabite Hall over the years.


2.         Cllr Holt said that she has received a letter from Transport for Wales regarding a meeting at Gowerton Station at 12.30pm on 17 September 2020.  All are welcome.  There is also going to be a lady from South Wales Community Rail Partnership to see what railway can do for all stations along the line.


Cllr Holt left the meeting at point at 7pm.


3.         Following Cllr Jones report, there are concerns about grit and dust causing drainage problems near Mount Street and the open culvert at the side of Cecil Road.

Clerk to write to CCOS to request a visit regarding unblocking of drains.


4.         The subject of black bags and rubbish was brought up by Cllr Emmerton.  Recycling centres rung by CCOS are still not taking them due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Part of the reason for the rule of only 3 black bags to be put out it to encourage the residents of Swansea to recycle wherever possible and to think about what they are buying. This is to enable CCOS to substantially reduce the charge for using landfill sites.  


5.         Cllr Emmerton requested that we send an email to Highways Department in appreciation of the resurfacing works carried out on Mill Street recently.


6.         The tunnel opposite Gowerton Rugby Club was discussed and the possibility of putting lights inside it. However, it was generally thought this was not cost effective as there is a street lamp very near by and it is not a very long tunnel.


7.         Cllr Jones brought up the subject of pollution around Cecil Road, Mill Street and Gorwydd Road.  An air quality survey was carried out approximately 2 years ago.  It was requested that the Clerk contact CCOS Environmental Health Dept with regard to arranging another survey as the traffic has increased greatly.


8.         Cllr Howells stated that she has volunteered to help with the local food bank.  It was recommended that she contacts Joanne Edwards who is the LAC co-ordinator for the area.


9.         Cllr Howells said the parking problems on Sterry Road near her shop have increased.   Cllr Jones said she has already asked about traffic monitoring in that area and there are signs in place along that road.  Cllr Jones suggested getting a trough to hold flowers that might obstruct parking on the pavement. Cllr Jones will make enquiries into this.


10.       Cllr Howells said she would like to look into organising an art award and donate funds towards a shield.  Cllr Evans suggested this could be tied in with the annual Arts and Crafts exhibition.  However, no events can take place this year due to the Covid Pandemic.








Week no 27


Application No: 2020/1107/FUL Date Registered: 30.06.2020


Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259474 195765 Development Type: Householder


Location: 43 Oakwood Drive, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3DJ

Proposal: Single storey rear extension Applicant: Mr Stephen Jones-Fowler Agent:


Sent to Councillors via email – no objections raised.



Week no 31


Application No: 2020/1386/FUL Date Registered: 23.07.2020


Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258755 195889 Development Type: All Other Minor Dev


 Location: Land Off George Manning Way, Gowerton, Swansea Proposal: Siting of garden sheds within the rear garden of each dwelling house (excluding the flats) and installation pump house for sprinkler pump adjacent to plot 1. Applicant: Coastal Housing Group Agent: Mr Phil Baxter


Sent to Councillors via email – there are many concerns regarding drainage at this development, but it was agreed by all, that we should pose no objections to the proposed drainage system as it has been assessed and approved by CCOS drainage officers. It remains to be seen, whether it is an effective system for this development after installation.  Surrounding houses have had various problems with flooding since work began on this development.


Cllr V Davies expressed concerns as to the location of the shed being too close to the houses and therefore, blocking the views, but as a majority vote, there was no objection to these plans.



Meeting closed at 7.19pm














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