Minutes of the Meeting of Council held at Gowerton Con Club at 7.30pm on Wednesday 6 October 2021



PRESENT:  Councillors Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Viv Davies, Amanda Guard, Linda Bolchover, Lyneth Snodden-Howells, Brian Edy, Barbara Small, Peter Morgan

Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.


40.        APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Paul Emmerton, Matt Palmer


41.        DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS: Cllr Bolchover decared an interest in the Chairs report – reference to the Rechabite Hall. Cllr Evans declared an interest in the planning application that was discussed.


42.        MEETINGS WITH: None required




Mr Nicholas runs a Company providing life saving training to groups and providing defibrillators. Mr Nicholas came along to talk about defibrillators. He said that pads have been put into library defibrilator to put it back into service.  Mr Nicholas is looking at running courses on defibrillators and first aid in Gowerton. He gave advice on where needed, how far apart and maintenance costs of defibrillators.  He informed us that grants are available from Welsh Water for £250 towards the cost of purchasing defibrillators. The question was asked whether we need paediatric defibrillators but  Zoll defibs automatically recognise if it’s a child and will adjust accordingly.


Brian Edy asked if defibrillators are WIFI enabled. They can be purchased but the cost is quite considerable, compared to the standard ones.

We plan to work in conjunction with Mr Nicholas to produce maps of where the defibs are, and to put it in the notice board.

Mr Nicholas will be working with Donna Kendall, the LAC to publicise the community first aid training.

Monthly checks needed on defibs by the guardian of each defibrillator.


Mr Nicholas left the meeting at 8.00pm


44.        COUNCIL MINUTES: 1 September 2021


a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Susan Jones, Seconded by Cllr Ros Holt.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.




Cllr Susan Jones


Meetings on TEAMS continue with the Council - there is great concern regarding the increasing numbers who are being tested for COVID and the positive results, so please maintain masks, social distancing, and sanitising hands.  It is still very important to follow the rules.  During the month, I have attended a meeting with the Management Committee in the Rechabite Hall, met with our local Police Sergeant and PCSO and also held my first monthly Surgery in Gowerton Library. I regularly met with Donna our Local Area Co-ordination and discuss issues which individual residents present to me.


It is with great sadness that I inform all, that our former clerk Bill Arnold has passed away after a fight with cancer - he was a lovely person who served this Council for a number of years and I would ask for a minutes silence in respect for him.


The ‘Walk and Talk’ continues to meet on a Wednesday at 10.00am at the Elba Sports Carpark and is attracting new participants. The after Coffee seems to be a popular addition. Today we had 18 walkers which was great.  Everyone is welcome.


Congratulations to the Residents of Fairwood Terrace and the near cul de sacs, who held a coffee morning in aide of McMillan and raised £380 -  well done.  The cakes were really lovely and it was great to meet some of the group.


I have requested the provision of a Grit Bin to be established near Alder Way and Clos Afon Llan before the winter period.


The new Bicycle Repair Station has been installed in Gowerton at the bottom of the Woodlands.


There continues to be parking problems at Fairwood Terrace and the wardens have been visiting and issuing tickets.  Parking on the double yellow lines at the entrance of this road is very dangerous and I would appeal to those who are causing concern to consider the residents of this area.


The Community Drop Session at the Cefn Gorwydd site, which was organised by the developers Morganstone,  was well attended although there was a mix up with the invitation letters not be delivered to many of the immediate neighbours.  Many questions were asked and I am awaiting a response from MorganStone.


I have carried out another litter/ glass pick around the Mount Pleasant Shop and thank both Pam and June for volunteering to help. This is much appreciated.


I have requested double yellow lines on one side of Parkwood to address the parking issues at that area.  Also the single yellow line on Park Road is to be extended and the times altered to suit the end of the schools day e.g. between 8.00  - 9.00 am and 2.30 - 3.30 pm.  This has to be advertised in the Evening Post before installation.  I have spoken to many of the residents of Park Road about this issue.


I have given a donation to the Gowerton Cricket Club towards the refurbishment of the Pavilion.  The Pavilion is a hundred years old and is a unique building in Wales which should be preserved and hopefully this will be achieved.


 I have also bought more daffodils out of my Community Budget to be planted around the village.


The Economic Recovery Fund has been established in the Authority and I have had a Team Meeting with Councillor Robert Francis Davies and Councillor Andrew Stephens regarding projects for Gowerton.  The projects need to be in connection with Well-being of the Community and I am in the process of submitting applications to this end.  I have asked for a dividing net between the two pitches, and this is being considered, this would be a safety issue and possibly prevent an accident.


Donna Kendall has been visiting the Junior School introducing herself to the parents and speaking to many on the issues that affect them.  This is going to be repeated in the future in conjunction with the School.  We also attended a Coffee Morning at Llys Elba,and enjoyed chatting with some of the residents. The Coffee Morning is open to non residents and a great welcome is guaranteed.


Again, this month has brought many individual issues that I have dealt with.  The issues are very varied and all very important to those residents and I hope that I am available for all.





Update on 9 Bishwell Road


Property owners have regularly been attending to the rubbish clearance of the garden in accordance with the Enforcement Order served.  However, there is still outstanding works to be completed to fulfill their obligations.


Gorwydd Social Housing Development – Pobl Group


An on-site consultation was arranged between the contractor, Morganstone and residents in September, with Mr Kevin Lake (Operations Manager) and staff available for questions and answers on an individual basis. Regrettably, it became very clear that many of Gowerton residents living near to the site had not received any communication of the proposed site consultation from Morganstone.


Morganstone had previously assured residents that letters would be sent but this was not the case.  Letters had been hand delivered to very few houses in and ad hoc manner that angered many residents, that learned of the event by observing an assembling of people at the site entrance!


To summarise, Morganstone have just demonstrated their total disregard and respect to Gowertonians that have a vested interest in this developed.


Many important issues were raised by residents including the close proximity to their boundaries which would have a detrimental impact upon maintenance issues for existing properties.


The potential of flooding, capping of known air shafts and level of buildings impact were some of the concerns aired.  To exit the site onto the busy Gorwydd Road indicated major problems for all motorists, as there is no provision for a roundabout as many residents had anticipated. The disruption is already creating anxiety to residents living adjacent to the site entrance. Cllr Susan Jones invited the residents to convey their concerns to her to report.


Rehabite Hall Committee meeting on 23 September 2021


The chair of the hall, Mr Steve Bolchover enquired as to when the Community Council would be returning to the Rechabite Hall. I informed the committee, that as we now require the use of WIFI facilities, the hall cannot provide the services that we require.  The chair also stated that we have have to pay for the installation of WIFI and the related monthly payments, as the other user groups do not require this facility.


The treasurer reported that the halls current financial statement stood at a healthy £32,798 (current account) and £19,748 (deposit account).


Gowerton Primary School


A Governors meeting was attended on 6 October 2021.  The school is going through changes including ALN (Additional Learning Needs) which is a huge change for the school and especially the staff.





  1. The defibrillator has been put back onto the outside of the Library.


  1. I have started the CiLCA course which I feel will be most beneficial to my role as Clerk to Gowerton Community Council.


  1. Welcome to Mr Brian Edy who will be requested to sign the formal documents after the meeting this week.


  1. If anyone is interested in attending an Xmas lunch at the Con Club for Councillors and myself, please let me know. It would be nice to get together and to give the Club some custom as they have been so kind in accommodating our meetings.


  1. Are we to arrange any Xmas events this year?


  1. I have received an invoice from SSE for the cost of supplying electricity to the festive lights during December. It is for £422, and I consider this to be excessive so have disputed it. There are only two buildings that don’t use their own electricity supply so after speaking to Chris from Bowen Hopkins, we agreed that this should be much lower.  I have left the information with Michelle Cleaverly from SSE who will get back to me in due course.


  1. As we are constantly looking for ways to work in a more environmentally friendly manner and save costs, if anybody is happy to receive the monthly agendas via email on the Sunday before the meeting, then I would distribute hard copy at the meeting, please let me know.


  1. I have set up a What’s App group with Huw Evans and Jeremy Parkhouse who are an invaluable source of advice and knowledge. I believe that if Clerks can share information and resources, this will help us all to become more efficient.






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Cllr Susan Jones

Reimbursement of items purchased








Phone allowance September







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During the period 1 September – 30 September, we received over 200 emails.


These consisted of emails from Councillors, One Voice Wales, marketing emails etc which need no action.


Emails containing the weekly planning lists were all sent on to Councillors for information before the monthly meeting.


I have received phone calls from local residents who are looking to join clubs in the area or volunteer. I have given information on the Walk and Talks that Cllr Jones holds on a Wednesday morning and I have passed on Donna Kendalls phone number as she is the Local Area Co-ordinator and can give them the information they require.


An email from Cllr Viv Davies informing us that her and Cllr Howells have finished painting the last bench. The benches look fantastic – thank you both for your hard work.


An email from Cllr Holt forwarding information regarding the station adoption 2021.


I emailed John Knox to inform him that following his request for a donation to the Gowerton RFC firework display, Gowerton Community Council would like to donate £300 and if he could contact me I could arrange to pay the amount into their bank account. Mr Knox contacted me to say that unfortunately, due to rising costs and low availability of fireworks, there would not be a display this year after all and therefore, do not require a donation, but wished to thank GCC.


An email from a local resident informing us that the chimney stack on the colliery ruins had been demolished and was there any legislation protecting this?  Cllr Jones has passed the email onto the Planning Dept, Swansea Council.


An email from a resident who is concerned about the dangerous parking near the school on Cecil Road. I replied to say there is nothing Community Council can do but, Cllr Jones will alert local police and traffic wardens to the situation.


The instagram account has 341 followers and 179 posts.






  1. The sad news that Mr Bill Arnold has passed away at the age of 71. Mr Arnold was the well respected Clerk to the Council previously and an upstanding member of the Community, Gowerton Community Council held a minutes silence at 21.54 as a mark of respect.


  1. Cllr Evans read out the letter of resignation from Cllr Viv Evans.  Mrs Evans has served as a Community Councillor for many years and has done such a lot of hard work for the village. The garden in the centre of the village opposite the library was her pride and joy, and she was very active in helping with Shaws Woodlands, the train station and painting the many benches around Gowerton, to name just a few things. Unfortunately, her health issues mean that she has to take a slightly slower pace of life now but we wish her well and she will be sorely missed. Clerk to arrange some flowers.


  1. Cllr Roz Holt has volunteered to be a key holder for the notice board, as this was previously done by Cllr Viv Davies.


  1. The subject of WIFI was discussed – the new regulations by One Voice Wales mean that Council meetings can be accessed via Teams for anyone wishing to do so. We need more guidance on the specification of what is needed and costs etc. Cllr Evans to speak to OVW.


  1. Cllr Peter Morgan spoke of his concerns regarding drainage at the Cefn Gorwydd site. A video was taken by a local resident showing that the drainage in heavy rain is inadequate. This might affect properties near by. Surface water might be contaminated as there is asbestos and other substances in the ground and the water is running into the river which will cause pollution. Cllr Morgan is to email the Clerk with a full list of concerns and Clerk to get in touch with Pobl, NRW and Planning Dept at Swansea Council.


  1. Cllr Holt has received an email from the Ramblers complaining about the Heart of Wales line and lack of trans from Shrewsbury. They need to contact the Heart of Wales line directly to express their concerns, though Cllr Holt said she would try to get more information.


  1. We have received a request for the lower branches of the trees in the piece of land opposite the village square, Co-Op etc to be lopped. Clerk to contact Swansea Council.


  1. Cllr Small mentioned that the path from Gorseinon to Gowerton is completely waterlogged after heavy rain fall and is not safe for children to walk.


  1. Clerk to contact Swansea Council to request that drains are cleaned before winter.


  1. Cllr Ann Guard has noticed that the pavement in Gorwydd Road where car was on fire is still in a terrible state. Clerk to report. Between 50 – 56 Gorwydd Road.


  1. Cllr Lyneth Howells asked if more Christmas lights could be obtained – this is a rolling programme and it was agreed that we would purchase lights for the Gents of Gower barbers and the Man Cave barbers on Sterry Road. Clerk to contact Bowen Hopkins.


  1. Cllr Brian Edy thanked GCC for the warm welcome he has received. He said he was concerned about the lack of bus shelters in the village. Cllr Jones pointed out that it is the bus companies that provide the bus shelters but if he could see where he thought one was needed most, then he should bring it to the next meeting for discussion.


  1. Cllr Howells has been speaking to local businesses along Sterry Road about possible late night open and an Xmas Street festival. It was advised for Cllr Howells to suggest the business owners get a Chamber of Trade together to make any necessary arrangements and this would be a formal body with which to approach Swansea Council for any permissions, road closures or licences that might be needed. Cllr Howells to email the list of businesses to the Clerk and to update any progress at the next Community Council meeting.





Application No: 2021/2361/FUL Date Registered: 16.09.2021

Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259427 195609 Development Type: Minor Dwellings

Location – Land adjacent to 131 Cecil Road, Gowerton, Swanse SA4 3DN. Detached dwelling.


Gowerton Community Council object to this on account of it being declined previously and it would obscure the view for traffic from Dunvant Road.








Meeting closed at 21.56.


Date of next meeting – Wednesday 3 November 2021 at Gowerton Con Club.





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