Minutes of the Meeting of Council held via Teams at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7 October 2020



PRESENT:  Councillors: Gareth Evans, Paul Emmerton, Susan Jones, Barbara Small, Ann Guard, Linda Bolchover, Ros Holt, Viv Davies, Elwyn Gedrych, Amanda Guard, Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.


40.        APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – None. Cllr Lyneth Howells failed to join the meeting due to technical issues.



42.        MEETINGS WITH: None held due to Covid-19 restrictions.




44.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 2 September 2020.

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.




Cllr Jones gave the following report:


September2020: Report for Community Council.


I have attended meetings via Teams.

AGM of the City and County of Swansea.

Child and Family Services Scrutiny Board.

Development and Regeneration Scrutiny.


There have been a number of issues in the village over the last month:


  1. Concerns with school children in the village – I have received a number of telephone calls and emails from residents with queries regarding the social distancing not being adhered to by the children.  I have written to both Comprehensive Schools expressing this concern, and have spoken to the Interim Director of Education and have been assured that the process being adopted is safe?? It has been confirmed that year 8 in Ysgol Gyfyn Gwyr has had a confirmed case of the virus which I believe is now under quarantine measures.


  1. I have received criticism from residents of Mount Pleasant regarding the cutting back of the lane – the department responsible has been identified and this situation has been ongoing since last November. Hopefully there will now be a regular cutting schedule for the lane. This situation during the recent Corona Virus has been added to because the NEAT Team Project has been unable to work although two members were engaged in the cutting back of the lane.  The request for a bin to be established at the Park Rd shop has been refused because this bin was taken away after being used for household rubbish.  There is a bin in that area owned by the shop.  The request for the lights on the lane is currently being assessed by the lighting Department and I am awaiting information.


  1. I have had a meeting with the Planning Department and The Contractors of the George Manning Way Development. The Contractors are putting out a newsletter for the residents to give them up to date information and to give them a contact person to deal with any issues. So hopefully communication will improve.


  1. The bin at the entrance of Fairwood Terrace is again being used for household rubbish and I fear that this bin will be taken away if this continues.  I would like to appeal AGAIN to PLEASE use the kerbside collections.


  1. Sadly, we are again in a state of lockdown and I have contacted many people to let me know if they see anyone who needs help to give me a ring. I hope this situation will be a short period of time.  This is a particularly hard time for residents living alone and I welcome the new rule of being able to join with another household.
  2. During this month I have purchased “Shop Local” bags for the businesses in our village to give out free to the shops and encourage shopping in the village.  The shop owners have all supported the residents and hopefully we can all support them back.  I feel very passionate about this.
  3. I have made a donations to Gowerton Comprehensive School to help with the cost of the marques to accommodate and provide shelter for the Children. This will help them to keep socially distanced during the lunch times.
  4. I have also made a donation to St.John’Church Hall  to deep clean after occupation of the food bank.  I would like to thank the church for helping with the food bank.
  5. The Patch Team have been in the village and although there has been reported quarantine situation with the contractor the Woodlands has had work to remedy the potholes.  Once the Contractor is back to full capacity the other potholes in the area will be addressed.
  6. The resurfacing of both Cedar Close and Bryn Close should start on the 5th of October weather permitting.
  7. The Railway bridge near the Rugby Club has again been hit – this is the second time in the last 6 – 8 weeks.   I have written to both Highways and to Network Rail regarding this situation and am awaiting their comments.
  8. There is a new policy of making additional funding available for the refurbishment of the local parks and I have sent my comments and a commitment to  be included in this scheme.  Hopefully there will be improvement to the park in Park Road.
  9. I attended a site visit at the entrance of Gowerton Comprehensive School to observe the safety issues identified by Mr.Nigel Jones Headteacher.  I managed to make sure that Police and Highways also attended and are now aware of concerns.
  10. I also attended the meeting at the Railway Station with Network Rail alongside other Community Councillors and have sent information and contact details of our Clerk (Allison James) and our Local area Co-ordinator (Joanne Edwards ) to Jennifer Barfoot.
  11. It is good to see that the Library is available although there is a  limited service.  The defibrillator has again been used at this location although this resulted in the sad death of a resident.  The cabinet is being replaced  by Cariad because it’s condition has deteriorated.
  12. There has been issues with School Transport with the minibuses parking around the village for up to 1 and a half hours  prior to picking up the children from Park Rd.  The situation is being monitored by the Council.
  13. I no longer open and shut the gates of the Elba Sports area over the week-ends. I can’t say that it’s been an enjoyable experience because some people are not very respectful but hopefully I have helped the residents over this period.
  14. I would like to welcome the two newest Community Councillors Amanda Guard and Elwyn Gedrych  onto the Gowerton Community Council and look forward to working alongside them


There have been individual issues for residents that I have dealt with during this month e.g. bulk household collections, placements for education, refuse collections etc.






Cllr Gareth Evans gave the following report:


1.The Enforcement order that was placed on a property in Bishwell Road is progressing and will hopefully be completed soon.


2.Attended first meeting as governor of the Junior School .A number of issues discussed included appointments to Committee’s, policies and budgets. I am attending a virtual training programme on G.D.P.R.(General data protection regulations)


3.O.V.W. Area committee virtual meeting held its AGM where I was appointed to represent Swansea on the N.E.C. The ordinary meeting followed, topics on the agenda included:

(a) Training for Councillors and Clerks.

(b) Councils to present a training plan.

(c) Audit reports

(d) 2020 AGM’s and Councillor remuneration taxation updates.

Guest speakers for the future meetings include Land registry, Public health Wales and Keep Wales Tidy.


4.Air quality monitoring needs to be installed on specific roads to record pollution levels as we have increased new build and another development to accommodate a further 200 pupils at Ysgol Gyfyn Gwyr.

Residents living besides heavy trafficked roads are suffering with health issues and we are moving towards a greener and carbon neutral environment we need to be pivotal to protect our residents and environment.


5.For information only

Three Crosses community council have secured a £75,000 Lottery grant to install a play area.

We as a council need to consider what we/residents want for Gowerton and apply for funding.

Please bring suggestions to the next meeting. This is an opportunity to engage with Gowerton residents for them to ‘Have their say’  






47(a)        Miscellaneous


1.         Christmas lights. Where are these to go?  Usual places but also on to the new Pharmacy on Mill Street.


2.         Promote the pumpkin trail through the village. Clerk to distribute poster to local businesses.


3.         Instagram account.  Has been set up and now has 100 followers.


4.         Remembrance Sunday – what can we do?  See Questions for Business 48.4


5.         All correspondence going out must go through the Clerk. Chairperson confirmed this.







For authorization/ratification.


Order No










HP Ink

Month of August













Clerk Salary

Pay award back dated to 1/4/20







PAYE period 6/7/20 - 5/08/20






Monthly Phone allowance

Month of September






Bay Landscapes Ltd

Monthly charge for Sept - inv 01586







Reimbursement for Stationery






Scottish and Southern Energy

Christmas 2019 Lighting Supply Charges






Clerks Salary

Month of September






Monthly Phone allowance

Month of October







Not yet paid – Invoice Number 60338368  CCOS  Floral displays   £3162.00 inc VAT.  Received 3/10/2020.







1.         28/8/20 – Email from One Voice Wales warning against Scam phone calls.


2          28/8/20 – Email from Cllr Evans, forwarding on a response from One Voice Wales in response to his query regarding indoor meetings.  It is lawful to meet indoors if it is for work purposes.


3.         28/8/20 – Email from One Voice Wales regarding re-opening of Community Centres.


4.         28/8/20 – Email from One Voice Wales – Decarbonisation Newsletter.


5.         28/8/20 – Email from Cllr Linda Bolchover, Manager of the Rechabite Hall. Hire of hall conditions and agreement forms.


6.         29/8/20 – Email from Cllr Susan Jones. A picture from Gowerton Cricket Club thanking people for their support.  To go on Gowerton Community Council Web Site.


7.         30/8/20 – Email from Cllr Evans, Chairperson, giving instruction for meeting on 2/9/20.


8.         31/8/20 – Email from Sarah Hunt, Gowerton School. Instructions for use of school hall for meeting on 2/9/20.


9.         01/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Coronavirus update.


10.        01/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales regarding New payscales.


11.        01/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales giving guidance on holding meetings on a physical basis.


12.        01/9/20- Email from Cllr Jones – report for the meeting.


13.        01/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales – Information on phishing.


14.        01/9/20 – Email from Planning Aid Wales. Training course on responding to planning applications.


15.        01/9/20 – Email from Welsh Council Audits requesting signed copy of minutes from 18/19.


16.        01/09/20 – Email from HP Ink – monthly invoice.


17.        02/9/20 – Email from Cllr Evans, forwarding on an email from Sustran Cymru.


18.        03/9/20 – Email from CCOS – weekly planning list.


19.        03/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Agenda for meeting on 28/9/20.


20.        03/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Coronavirus update.


21.        03/9/20 – Email from Cllr Evans, Chairman. Report for meeting.


22.        03/9/20 – Email from Cllr Evans, Chairman. Request for Clerk to chase up Cilca course details.


23.        03/9/20 – Email from Mr S Bolchover re hire of Rechabite Hall.


24.        04/9/20 – Email from Cllr Susan Jones. Forwarding an email from a resident regarding Gowerton cycle track.


25.        04/9/20 – Email from Mr E Gedrych confirming he would like to attend an interview for Community Councillor.


26.        04/9/20 – Email from Cllr Bolchover clarifying cleaning procedures for Rechabite Hall.


27.        05/9/20 – Email from Clerk to Sarah Hunt, Gowerton School confirming use of Hall for the next six months.


28.        07/9/20 – Email from Cllr Susan Jones forwarding on an email from a resident asking if the cycle path between Gowerton and Penclawdd will be linked up.


29.        07/9/20 – Email from Cllr Susan Jones with regards to an email from a resident regarding the accident at the railway bridge.  Cllr Jones has contacted CCOS to ask why a refuse lorry hit the bridge.  CCOS are looking into the matter.


30.        07/9/20 – Email from Sarah Hunt, Gowerton School confirming use of the School Hall for meetings for the next six months.


31.        07/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales - Support for the Heritage Sector in Wales.



32.        07/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Dates for remote training.


33.        08/9/20 – Email from local resident expressing interest in Community Councillor position.


34.        08/9/20 – Email from SSE regarding unpaid bill for last years’ xmas lights.


35.        09/9/20 – Email from CCOS – weekly planning list.


36.        09/9/20 – Email from Cllr Susan Jones regarding her meeting with contractors at George Manning Way.


37.        09/9/20 – Letter received from Gowerton Cricket Club thanking us for the Chairpersons cheque to help restore their cricket pavilion.


38.        09/9/20 – Email from CCOS Enviromental Health Dept regarding Gambling Act 2005 Consultation on proposed amendments.


39.        10/9/20 – Email from Cllr Jones. Phone number for local PCSO following problems with local youths in Shaws Woods.


40.        11/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Information on Community and Town Councils loss of income funding.


41.        15/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. WLGA Coronavirus update.


42.        15/9/20 – Email from CCOS Public Services Board Support Officer. Swansea Public Services Board Annual Report 2019/20.


43.        15/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Information on fly tipping.


44.        15/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Parking Scam warning.


45.        16/9/20 – Email from Cllr Susan Jones. Advising that the PATCH Team will be visiting Gowerton and for Community Councillors to advise of any roads they think needs particular attention.


46.        16/9/20 – Email from Cllr Davies attaching documents received from Land Registry regarding Bethel Chapel.


47.        17/9/20 – Email from Cllr Emmerton expressing concern at the large volume of school children and social distancing around shops in the village.


48.        21/9/20 – Email enquiry from Anxiety Swansea regarding hire of Rechabite Hall. Forwarded on to Cllr Bolchover who manages the hall bookings.  Cllr Bolchover replied she would deal with it and reply to the request directly.


49.        22/9/20 - Email from Paul Egan, One Voice Wales inviting Council to the Swansea Area Committee Meeting via StarLeaf Cloud.


50.        22/9/20 – Email from Cllr Small regarding Christmas lights in the village.  Where should the lights be going? Were we going to add lights to any other businesses?


51.        22/9/20 Email from One Voice Wales. Regarding free training.for staff.  Nothing applicable for us at this time.


52.        23/9/20 Email from Cllr Jones. Forwarding on her email to CCOS regarding reinstating litter bins as per comments on her facebook page from local residents.  The subsequent reply from CCOS was that bins had been removed from the area as local residents were using them to dispose of household rubbish, therefore they would not be reinstated.


53.        23/9/20 – Clerk sent an email to the Interim Director of Education expressing residents’ concerns about local school children from YG Gwyr congregating around local shops during the pandemic. Cllr Jones has also contacted the local schools.  Ms H Morgan-Rees replied saying she had spoken to the head teacher of YG Gwyr and there were no concerns- children are allowed into the village during the school day.


54.        23/9/20 – Clerk sent email to all councillors regarding setting up an instragram account to showcase any Community Council news and events.  Replies from all Councillors which thought it would be a good idea.


55.        25/9/20 – Email from Cllr Jones forwarding on communication from South West Wales Connected, Community Rail Partnership.  Jennifer Barfoot, Community Rail Officer is keen to get involved with Gowerton Rail Station and the opening/launch of Route 4.


56.        25/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Ministers written statement Phase 2 of the Diversity in Democracy Programme.


57.        25/9/20 – Email from Cllr Jones. Forwarding on notification of exceptional exam results from Gowerton Comprehensive School.  For Council info only, not for publication.


58.        26/9/20 – Email from Cllr Bolchover. Stating the Patch Repair Team will be in Woodlands on 29/9/20 so might cause problems with parking.


59.        26/9/20 – Email from Cllr Howells saying she had put a note on cars parking illegally on Sterry Road outside her house.  Clerk replied empathising with the situation but notes cannot be written under the umbrella of the Community Council.  Any future notes must be put under individual names and not implicating the Community Council in any way.


60.        28/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. WG updated – Remembrance 2020 and Coronavirus guidance.


61.        30/9/20 – Email from Cllr Jones with copy of email she sent to Highways Dept regarding a bus accident at the railway bridge in Gowerton.


62.        30/9/20 – Email from Clerk inviting prospective Community Councillors to meet with Clerk and Chairperson.


63.        30/9/20 – Email from One Voice Wales. Coronavirus update.







1.    It was suggested by Cllr Emmerton to add page numbers to future minutes.


2.    Cllrs noted that Year 8 of Ysgol Gyfyn Gwyr has been quarantined due to Covid-19 guidelines.  It is a worry since so many of these pupils have been congregating in the village.


3.    Cllr Davies would like to put the plastic poppy cut outs on the benches that are around the village. This was approved by all.


4.    Cllr Jones suggested we encourage children to draw poppies onto pebbles and place them around the seat in the Elba playing fields for Rembrance Sunday.


5.    Cllr V Davies asked whether Cllr Howells would be prepared to help paint poppies on the bench near the bypass


6.    Cllr Emmerton was contacted by Brian Davies of Country Stores, Gowerton regarding problem trees in the graveyard next door.  A meeting was arranged with the agent of the land, Mr Davies and any Councillors that could attend. The agent failed to show up.  Cllr Emmerton suggested writing to the agent to request that he tidies up the area. 


7.    Cllr Guard raised the question of blocked drains around the village. Cllr Jones said that this would be going to full council in the very near future and she would keep us updated on the outcome.


8.    Cllr Emmerton to speak to the new Pharmacy on Mill Street to ask if they would like xmas lights put up outside and also to ask if they could clean up the mess left by the builders during the recent works.


9.    Cllr Gedrych thanked everyone for the warm welcome he has received as a new Councillor.


10.   Cllr Davies would like us to report overhanging trees on the pavement near the Elderly Complex on Roper Wright Close.  There are branches from an Ash tree causing problems.  Also,overgrown laurels near the entrance to Shaws Woods








Application No: 2020/1598/FUL Date Registered: 01.09.2020 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259424 195610 Development Type: Minor Dwellings Location: Land Adjacent To 131 Cecil Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3DN Proposal: Detached dwelling Applicant: Mr Rory Saunders Agent: Mr P.K. Johnson


No objections



 Application No: 2020/1694/FUL Date Registered: 03.09.2020 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259465 195724 Development Type: Householder Location: 14 Oakwood Drive, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3DJ Proposal: Conversion of garage to ancillary living accommodation ApplicantDr Christien Buchwald


No objections


Application No: 2020/1731/PLD Date Registered: 02.09.2020 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Pending Decision Map Ref: 259042 196309 Development Type: All Others (CPLDS, Prior etc) Location: 69 Sterry Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3BN Proposal: Addition of a retractable canopy to the front elevation (application for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development) Applicant: Mr Arvind Bhardwaj A


No objections


Application No: 2020/1722/FUL Date Registered: 18.09.2020 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 256973 195768 Development Type: Minor Dwellings Location: Cefn Golau Park Farm , Cefn Stylle Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3QX Proposal: Internal and external alterations to change of use of the tack room and two stable blocks to 5 one bedroom holiday lets with associated parking Applicant: Mr Victor Johnson Agent:


No objections


Application No: 2020/1752/FUL Date Registered: 23.09.2020 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258089 196278 Development Type: Householder Location: 32 Maes Y Deri, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3GJ Proposal: Single storey rear extension Applicant: Dr Iqbal Agent: Mrs Sarah Wright


No objections




Meeting closed at 8.47pm

































































































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