Minutes of the Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 2nd October 2019

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Viv Davies, Paul Emmerton, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Ros Holt,

 Lyneth Howells, Beveley Jenkins, Susan Jones and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas



47.       a) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s)  

b) Lyneth Howells signed decleration of office in front of Clerk, and all members welcomed her as a member of Gowerton Community Council.


48.       DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS:  Financial – Cllr Ros Holt took no part in the discussions with regards to s137 Payment made to St Johns Musical Players


49.       MEETINGS WITH:  None required




51.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 4th September 2019

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record. Except to note minor spelling mistakes.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted.



Cllr Jones gave the following report:

Monthly report for September 2019.

Meetings I have attended:-

Supported Living with Carers of Learning Disabilities, Full Council, Adult Services Scrutiny Panel.

Also attended:-

Funeral of Ex Councillor Byron Owen, Funeral of Ex Councillor John Hague, Civic Service at St.Michael’s and All Saints Church (Manselton) then a Meal at the Liberty Stadium.


Reports around the village:-


1.The Council has been successful in obtaining Welsh Government Local Transport Grant Funding for bus stop improvements in Gowerton. These improvements are shown in the attached plan and summarised as follows:-

 ·   Replacement of the existing bus shelter on Hill St with a new stainless steel type of shelter recently provided in other areas of Swansea.

·   Installation of raised bus stop kerbs on Hill St to permit level boarding with buses

·   Footway resurfacing on Hill St in the vicinity of the existing bus stop

·   Installation of drop kerbs and tactile paving to provide continuation of pedestrian crossing facilities across Hill St from Cecil Road

·   Changes to the existing parking / waiting restrictions fronting the library to ensure buses can turn from Cecil Road into Mansel St. I am still to see this layout for these changes?

·   Removal of the existing bus stop on Sterry Road. All service buses passing through the village will be directed towards the enhanced bus stop on Hill St. This will simplify the interchange arrangements for many passengers changing at Gowerton for onward travel.

·   The removal of the bus stop on Sterry Road will provide additional space to enable the construction of a central pedestrian island at this location enabling pedestrians to cross the road towards the new shops recently built with access off the mini roundabout. I will be having more discussion with this proposal.

·   The existing bus stop on Mansel St west of its junction with Hill St will be removed and the footway in this location reinstated to form a standard footway configuration. I have negotiated that this bus shelter will be relocated in Brynymor Road.

 These works have been issued for construction and will provisionally commence on site week commencing the 25th November 2019. Consultation is currently on-going with First Cymru and other operators regarding the proposed changes.

 2. Changes at the traffic lights near the doctor’s surgery being discussed to make safer access and egress from Elba Street. Also the Doctor Surgery car park is scheduled to repaint the parking lines and hopefully avoid the disabled parking spaces being abused.

3. I have also arranged that the bush shelter outside Aunty Ivy’s be cleaned and repainted.

 4. The Council are continuing to seek final approval from Network Rail to complete the new cycle-path / footway link between Fairwood Terrace and the railway station and once this has been received, we have a Network Rail approved contractor in place for the works to immediately recommence and complete this 1st section of the larger intended link to Kingsbridge. For information, a contractor has been appointed and will commence works later this week on the upper section of the 2nd phase of works from the Kingsbridge direction towards Gowerton. We are currently finalising legal agreements for the remainder of the route from the treatment works to Alder Way with the intention that this too will be constructed early next year. I’ll provide you with further updates as this develops.

 It’s shaping up to be a busy period for Gowerton over the next few months with the above works packages being implemented. 

5. The vehicle which mounted the pavement near Nomads was apparently a stolen vehicle and it was amazing that there was no-one hurt.  CCTV was obtained from various places in the village by the Police.

6.  The incident at Tesco’s this Monday was also a shock and I hope the 66year old gentleman who was hit by the car will make a full recovery.

7. The Patch Team is starting work on Talbot Street, Sterry Road, Shaw Street and Gurnos Road this week. They have already completed work in Gorwydd Road.  I have posted the notices on facebook for the village to be made aware. I have also asked for Cedar Close and Bryn Road to be considered but both these areas need major resurfacing and will be scheduled for work as soon as possible.  The Highway Department has a process which they follow.  

8. Cefn Gorwydd entrance to the new site is being established on Gorwydd Road in conjunction with the Highway Department. The development of the area will be soon be started by Pobl.

9.  Reminder for the renewal of the Bus passes and to advertise that the Staff in the Library is there to help with this if needed. So get in touch with the Library to make an appointment. You have until December to renew.

10.  Some issues with flooding in Clwyd Wen and Parkwood which are both being addressed by the Highway Department.

11.  The Coach Park at the bottom end of Park Road has been addressed.  This situation is much appreciated by a 99 year old resident who now does not look out at buses all day.  Thank you to both the County and the bus company for their cooperation with this situation.

12.  There have been a number of individual issues which I am dealing with at the moment.

13. This afternoon the Local History Group attended the Mansion House with the Lord Mayor (Peter Black). And were given high tea in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the City Status of Swansea.  I think all who attended enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the hospitality extended to us all.

I have a surgery on Saturday Morning At Gowerton Library from 11.00 a.m. to 12 noon.  All welcome.



Cllr Gareth Evans gave the following report:

1.  OVW Policy Committee Report: Cabinet Secretary for housing and local Government – Julie James met with OVW to discuss Welsh government areas for action by Town and Community Councils.

1.  Minister was critical of smaller councils taking on more responsibilities especially as 2/3 of Councils received qualified audits 2017/18.  Standards need to be improved for strengthening the sector for a potentially expanded role.  Welsh Government has taken back control of audits from next year rather than delegation to independent audit companies.

2.  Community Plan models, minister encouraged councils to take a key role in this process e.g. one small council has a successful approach to managing flood risk through their community emergency plan.  OVW to action on community led planning engagement stating if implemented widely would be an asset to Town and Community Councils.

3. Environment (Wales) Act 2016 incorporates well-being goals; 2 of 8 need highlighting.  A healthier Wales A society in which peoples physical and mental well-being is maximized and which choices and behaviours that will benefit future health and understanding. 2.  Wales – Cohesive Communities – an attractive viable, safe and well connected community.  Both of the above state that properties should also be free from hazards.

4.  Welsh Government Litter advisory group:  This was attended by Lyn Cadwallader and it included a number of key advisory groups main topics included – membership of the group, bin provision, recycling, behavior change, extended producer responsibility, education and deposit return scheme.

Action – Draft a litter prevention scheme before next meeting – potential date – late October.

5.  Climate change conference Wales  16th October -  Cardiff City Hall

6.  OVW – WLGA task and finish group – Topics covered – good practice and innovation in councils, charter models, partnership working, asset transfer, budget planning and money availability for town and community councils.

7.  National strategy for flooding and coastal erosion – verbal update.

8.  Development plan model – National development framework by 2040, infrastructure and strategy plan for 3 divisions of Wales that follows the LDP framework, private sector to supply element of support, place planning, early engagement and affordable housing.




(a)           Miscellaneous


The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:


1. Arts and Crafts Exhibition Update.  Cllr Bolchover advised that most is now organized.  All exhibitors/schools have been contacted again.  Notices have been placed in and around Gowerton and on the website.  It was decided that the judging of the school artwork would take place on Sunday 13th October at the Rechabite Hall. Master rota was circulated for members availability.

2.  Resident advised there was an issue with the layout of the Aprils minutes on the website also that the church need to be re labelled on the back of the notice board.  For info.

4.  Newsletter – to date no articles have been received. Members decided it would be advisable that the newsletter would be put out after the Arts and Crafts exhibition, this would then mean that photos of the event could take place, and also advertisement of the Santas Grotto.  This can then include an introduction to new businesses in the village and update on the progress of the new noticeboard.


The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales have completed the first stage of their review of the electoral arrangements for the City and County of Swansea.  The Commission would welcome any comments you would wish to make. Members agreed in principle to the merging of Waunarlwydd and Gowerton and subsequently an additional Ward Member to put the area in line with other like for like boundary ration to Ward member.





54(b)  Financial Matters

1.For Payment The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system






Monthly printer ink











S137 Grant awarded to St Johns Musical Players - £250.00



 The items of correspondence were noted.   



1.  For info – 22/13rd October – Victoria Rd will be closed under bridge from 11pm-6am.  For info.

2.  Concern with regards to the Elba Skate park.  This is in a dilapidated state and needs attention.

3.  Concern was raised with regards to cyclists by CK’s riding very fast in the area.  Noted.

4.  For info.  Large fire in the rear of a garden in Church Street, it was observed that they appeared to be burning a large amount of rubbish.

5.  The advertising for events in the Elba Sports complex is inadequate.  This facility should be utilized more and any events should be known about in the village.  For info.

6.  Cllr Davies advised she attended the Lord Mayors Civic Service at St Michaels All Saints Church.

7.  Village green status – members resolved that Cllr Davies would move forward in progressing village green status for the two areas in Gowerton.  These areas will need to be checked and then designated.

8.  Cllr Davies also advised she is continuing at looking into a tree for the triangle.

9.  There was a model railway exhibition in Swansea recently.  It was suggested that in the future it would be nice to have something similar in Gowerton.

10.  For info, the paths in the Elba towards the school during rainy weather continue to flood.

11.  There is a pothole than needs repair opposite the changing rooms on the Elba complex.

12.  The pedestrian crossing by Carpet shop/central reservation – the lights are not facing straight on, potentially this is very dangerous, and they need realigning.

13.  There has been a bin replaced on Brynymor Rd, but for reasons unknown, this has been sited in the entranceway to the closed down Welcome to Gower Pub.  – Cllr Sue Jones advised she will deal with this issue.

14.  Camera or monitoring is needed on Sterry Rd for speeding vehicles.  Police need to be involved in deterring speeding in this area.

15.  For info – Observation that further dog bins are needed in the area.

16.  It appears that local club/pub is open extra hours and serving drinks after hours.  This is resulting in letting people out very late and disturbing the area.

17.  Cycle track – Oakwood to Woodlands there is a crossroads (5 wooden stakes) – one has been removed completely and needs to be replaced.

18.  Oakwood Drive – Fallen Oak Tree – bottom limb has split completely. For info.

19.  As a Community Council it will be important moving forward to review performance and job description for the Clerk.  This needs to be looked into and assessed to keep up with various employment requirements.



2019/1949 – 54 Ffordd Beck, Gowerton. First Floor side extension with rear balcony.  No Objection










































Meeting closed at 9:10pm                                                                                               




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