Minutes of the Meeting of Council held at via Microsoft Teams at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12 May 2021



PRESENT:  Councillors Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Viv Davies, Amanda Guard, Linda Bolchover, Lyneth Snodden-Howells, Peter Morgan, Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.


117.      APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllrs Susan Jones, Paul Emmerton gave apologies. Cllrs Elwyn Gedrych, Barbara Small, Ros Holt were unable to join due to technical problems joining the remote meeting.


118.      DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS: Cllr Jones on a planning application - Minute number 126.


119.      MEETINGS WITH: None held due to Covid-19 restrictions.




121.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 7 April 2021


a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.



Report for April 2021 for Community Council.

During the last month, the meetings have continued on TEAMS.  I have attended Governor Meetings at both the Primary and Comprehensive Schools.  I would like to recognise the hard work of all the Teachers during the last year.  The Schools are now in full operation under extremely difficult times.  I have attended training on Child Protection during the last month.


I had the pleasure of attending the first church service of the amalgamation of St.John’s Church and St.Barnabas, under the newly appointed Vicar Alex Pye.  Congratulations to Alex on his recent appointment.  Hopefully, the communities of Waunarlwydd and Gowerton will unite and prosper in the joint situation.


I would like to wish Sian Pritchard a long ,healthy and happy retirement. Sian has worked in Gowerton Library for a number of years, and has always greeted people with a smile and a willingness to help.  Best wishes to both Peter and Sian for their future.


During this month I organised a litter pick and I would like to thank the Councillors who helped.  We collected 21 bags of bottles, cans, and plastic from the field behind the Mount Pleasant Shop.  Could I appeal to people to take their rubbish home and use the kerb side collections.


At the beginning of the month, the Cefn Gorwydd site was again being considered and approved by the Planning Committee. The reduction of the contributions to the Education Department has been upheld and the alteration in the mix of housing has been approved. I think work has already commenced on the site.


There have been parking issues in Parkwood, and the residents have spoken to the Highway Department who are monitoring the situation.  There have been problems with residents being unable to exit their drives, delivery lorries unable to complete their deliveries and the bin men unable to collect their rubbish. Parkwood is a cul de sac and the turning area has also had vehicles parking there.


The Talk and Walk Group has started again – they meet in the Elba Complex at 10.00am on a Wednesday.  It is a friendly group and all are welcome to join.


The Authority have been awarded some grants to look at Pont y Cob to Loughor under the Active Travel and to replace the bridge over the Gors Fawr Brook at the end of Fairwood Terrace.


The second phase of the new Cycle path has been delayed due to some problems with the railway people.  It was due to start at the end of April and I will keep you give you an update when I have more information.  There are still some teething problems with the new track and I appeal to both pedestrians and cyclist to respect the residents of Fairwood Terrace and Alder Way. The safety of all is crucial to the success of this facility.


Bishwell Road has again been visited by Officers to monitor the conditions of the enforcement order.  Enforcement has also visited a house in Station Road to encourage compliance to rules that have been broken.


The bus shelter in Brynymor Road has been vandalised over the last weekend.  Also, Shaws woods has been targeted.  This mindless vandalism is very frustrating.


I have received an update of the play equipment project.  The contractor has been appointed and site visits are being arranged.  This will be a great asset for the village when it is established.   The exercise bars have been removed from the Elba Sports Complex for safety reasons, and there is no intention to replace due to health and safety issues,  although many of the primary children have asked about the replacement.


I have dealt with a large number of individual issues for the residents of Gowerton and am amazed at the variety of issues now being experienced.


A reminder that our local shops and businesses can open from Monday 17th May, which is fantastic news for the village. I’d urge you to support these local businesses wherever possible to help them get back up and running, as they have been fantastic during the pandemic. The help and support they have given the village has been tremendous, so let’s give something back to the local economy.


Stay safe and shop local!





Report was received from Cllr Gareth Evans, Vice Chairperson.



Our Community has fought hard against the plans to build on the former Gorwydd colliery site including hundreds of objections. The planning committee’s decision to dramatically reduce the developers S106 agreement from the original £670k to £96k is not acceptable This Community has lost £574k towards local education funding and it’s not good enough.


Until we change the way that developers can change the S106 agreement to make more profit, this practice will continue.


I have tabled a motion in June’s National Executive Committee’s meeting where I will discuss with members of Community and Town Councils from across Wales to support an amendment to make it a legally binding agreement that the S106 contribution cannot be changed once signed.


If this is acceptable to One Voice Wales, we will lobby Welsh Government to modify this in the Planning act.


I attended an NEC meeting of One Voice Wales in March where I chaired the Policy committee, I also attended a OVW area committee meeting in April where the agenda included Local Government and Elections Act 2021, new arrangements for Audits of local Councils and Employment law.


I also attended a Governors meeting of the Primary school where one of the topics discussed was the new education curriculum for Wales which will be rolled out in September 2022.





  1. Following One Voice Wales meeting, minutes from monthly meetings are to be put on the website within 7 days.


  1. PC problems – hoping to have the PC returned within the next week or two.


  1. I am working on the end of year accounts in readiness for audit.


  1. Annual appraisal has been done. Thank you all for your support during my first year in post.


  1. The Xmas tree was finally collected from Gower Fresh Trees and planted. Thank you to all who helped and an especially big thank you to Tony Holt.






Order Number

















HP Instant Ink

Charges up to 1 April 2021







Grabbers for litter picking






Temple URC

Shed Rent






Clerk Office Allowance

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Swansea Council







Clerk Salary







Gowerton School

Chair Allowance











During the period 1-30 April, a total of 159 emails were received.


These consisted of emails from Councillors, One Voice Wales, marketing emails etc which need no action.


Emails containing the weekly planning lists were all sent on to Councillors for information before the monthly meeting.


Email from Alison Lowe in Democratic services requesting information on renumeration and Councillors expenses. This was replied to, giving the required details.


Email from Cllr Morgan giving details of a report from his neighbour about the discovery of dead animals around the Cefn Gorwydd site. This was immediately reported to Environmental Health and investigated the same day. There was no evidence of poisoning found.


Email from a resident about problems with parking and residents in Fairwood Terrace was passed to Cllr Sue Jones, the Ward Member.


The Email from One Voice Wales stating that membership fees are due has been replied to and membership has been paid for 21/22.





  1. Cllr Ann Guard reported that the fence on the bypass is now down completely. Clerk to report to Swansea Council again – this has been reported previously but no action was taken.
  2. Cllr Ann Guard said that residents on Brynymor Road have asked for road calming measures. Clerk to contact Highways Dept in Swansea Council.
  3. Cllr Viv Davies reported that she has been painting the benches on the path between Gowerton and Dunvant.  The benches will have designs painted on them also in the very near future when Cllr Lyneth Howells is available to do them.
  4. Cllr Amanda Guard reported that the footpath on Brynymor Road to Penclawdd near Pontycob Road junction still has barriers up. Cllr Guard to take a photo and send to the Clerk to forward to Swansea Council to ask why it is still there after approximately a year.
  5. Cllr Linda Bolchover said she is concerned about the pollution coming from the buses travelling on Cecil Road. Clerk to contact Swansea Council, Environmental Health Dept.
  6. Cllr Lyneth Howells expressed concern about the dog waste bins always being full – Clerk to contact Swansea Council to enquire how often they are emptied.
  7. Cllr Howells said she has been approached by residents complaining about the queue for the Doctors surgery and elderly residents are struggling to stand in the queue for any length of time. It was suggested that may we could raise awareness of the prescription service which is offered by the Gowerton pharmacy across the road from the surgery. People can register to use the service and collect their prescriptions any time of day at the machine.  Clerk also to contact Gowerton Surgery to make them aware of these problems.
  8. Cllr Gareth Evans reported that One Voice Wales are still being held remotely. No prospect of meeting  up due to travelling involved and numbers attending the meetings.
  9. We would like to mention the sad passing of Dr Peter John on 4 May 2021. Dr John was a member of Gowerton Community Council for a period of time and was well respected and thought of in the Village. Our condolences go to his wife, Betty and his family.






Application No: 2021/0653/FUL Date Registered: 24.03.2021 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258171 196289 Development Type: Householder Location: 16 Ffordd Alltwen, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3HG Proposal: Conversion of garage to living accommodation Applicant: Helen Jones


Cllr Sue Jones declared an interest in this application and did not comment.


No objections from Community Council.


Application No: 2021/0868/FUL Date Registered: 08.04.2021 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259561 195253 Development Type: Householder Location: 4 Springbourne Close, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3BB Proposal: Single storey rear extension, installation of roof lights and fenestration alterations Applicant: Mr & Mrs R Evans Agent: Mr Mark Stock



No objections from Community Council.



Application No: 2021/0983/FUL Date Registered: 16.04.2021 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258921 196726 Development Type: All Other Minor Dev Location: Gowerton Rugby Club, Victoria Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3AB Proposal: Rear canopy Applicant: Gowerton RFC Agent: Mr. Jonathan Morris



No objections from Community Council.



Application No: 2021/0999/FUL Date Registered: 14.04.2021 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258988 196589 Development Type: Householder Location: 15 Elba Street, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3EE Proposal: Single storey rear extension Applicant: Mr. Dean Morris Agent: Application No: 2021/0970/FUL Date Registered: 12.04.202



No objections from Community Council.



Application No: 2021/1087/FUL Date Registered: 22.04.2021 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258558 196048 Development Type: Householder Location: 4 Cae Mansel Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3HH Proposal: Installation of side fence to a maximum height of 4.1m Applicant: Mr. Ken Williams Agent


Objections from all Councillors present due to height of fence.




Meeting closed at 20.45








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