Minutes of the Meeting of Council held at via Microsoft Teams at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3  March 2021



PRESENT:  Councillors Ann Guard, Ros Holt, Viv Davies, Amanda Guard, Gareth Evans, Linda Bolchover, Lyneth Snodden-Howells, Elwyn Gedrych Peter Morgan Barbara Small


Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.


97.        APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr Susan Jones, Cllr Paul Emmerton


98.        DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS: Cllr Bolchover declared an interest in point 105.8 as a member of Sight Life.


99.        MEETINGS WITH: None held due to Covid-19 restrictions.




101.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 3 February 2021


a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.




During this month there have been many meetings on TEAMS to discuss the budget.  There have been Covid updates on the current situation given to the Joint Scrutiny of Children and Adult Services Scrutiny Panels. All front line Staff have done an amazing job throughout the last year and the Council have all expressed their gratitude for their selfless dedication to all vulnerable people. There has been an appointment of a new Director of Education (Helen Rees Morgan). During the meeting of the Development and regeneration Scrutiny Panel we had an update of the Arena and other projects in the City -very exciting for the future of Swansea. During this month Joanne Edwards has left the Authority and I have not been informed when her replacement will be expected. Also, our PCSO Nicola Finchley has taken up her new post, hopefully we will have a replacement soon.


This month has been very busy with many individual queries on e.g

Problems with vaccinations, parking issues, dangerous trees, public respecting residents property and issues with the new cycle track alongside the dog fouling issues and pot holes – can I remind villagers that they are able to report these on line.


The Cycle track was opened on the 19th. Of February unfortunately as Ward Councillor this information was not given to me.  The use of this new cycle track has proved to be very popular and very busy – this has exceeded the estimated use by the Authority.  I have asked for dog poo bins to be installed and have been assured that this will be completed as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, some dog walkers have already put their poo bags in the river and into the trees.  I have visited a few of the residents of Alder Way who have experienced some issues.  The next phase which will reach the Railway Station is estimated to be started at the end of April – I have asked that the Authority keep me informed so that residents can be kept updated.


The trees that surround the triangle opposite Gowerton Rugby Club has been inspected by Welsh Water because there was concern about the safety during inclement weather.  It has been decided by Welsh Water to remove the conifers in that area which the residents are happy about.  This work will hopefully be completed early in the new financial year.


There has also been concern about a tree overhanging the pavement at the top of Fairwood Terrace.  I arranged for the tree expert in the City and County of Swansea to assess the tree and his assessment was to remove the tree immediately.  An Environment Officer has also visited the site and the removal will be arranged as soon as possible to ensure safety of the public using the pavement.


There have been a number of Governor Meetings pending the further opening of the Schools in Swansea.  I would like to put on record the thanks to all the staff in the village Schools for their work during this pandemic which has been amazing. The Welfare and Well being of the Children is of paramount and Staff have ensured that this has been the case.  Governors are very thankful to all members of Staff for their dedication and consideration for all children.


The L and N building has had some issues with black bag collections which has now been resolved.  I attended a meeting alongside Trading Standards and Public Safety Officers to assess the building.  There are discussions to the sale of this building???


There are new bus shelters being installed in the village – the one in Hill Street has been completed at last, and there are some issues with the shelter near the C.K’s which are being addressed.


There is an advert out for the Traffic Regulations at Hill Street – there are restrictions during the day to limit parking and there are no restriction after 6.00 pm to consider the residents in that area.


Fly tipping of a” bath” on the lane between Cecil Road and Gorwydd Road has been reported.  The incidents of fly tipping has increased since the pandemic.


I would like to emphasise the importance of people taking part in the Census on Sunday March the 21st.  This takes place every 10 years and the information is used to predict the services that we all need.  The personal information that you submit is securely kept for 100 years.  You have to complete the census by law, failure to complete could result in a fine of up to £1,000.


The current situation with the roll out of vaccinations is progressing well, but can I emphasise that there is still a need to use masks, keep your distance and wash hands regularly in order to stay safe.  If any one is struggling I would appeal to you to let me know.





Cllr Paul Emmerton did not attend the meeting. Cllr Gareth Evans gave the following report.


The result of the planning committee vote on the proposal from Pobl to reduce their agreed contribution for S106 payment was refused by 7 votes to 5. This application was rejected mainly on the grounds that Pobl had reduced the social housing mix in favour of affordable housing.

Looking back at the original figures that Education had negotiated for schools it was £670,000 this figure was substantially reduced by the planning committee to £369,000 with no explanation. This left £272,659 for Gowerton junior school, nothing for the Comprehensive school and £47,554 for Y Gwyr and ££48,872 for Y  Login Fach in Waunarlwydd .

The Education department then suggested that for the years 2021/2022 there would be no demand for school places in Gowerton junior school and removed the £272k from S106, but they stated that there would be pressure on places in both Welsh medium schools. They did not offer any evidence to support this which begs the question the total lack of data and transparency which some of the Councillors on the planning committee were unhappy with. Some wanted the Director of Education to explain the decision.

Also the light controlled crossing in Gorwydd rd has been downgraded to a parallel crossing which has cut budget from £35k to £20k, all school crossings in Gowerton are traffic light controlled , not good enough.

Gowerton pupils and residents deserve better and once again lost out, we’re supposed to live in a safe and equal society where democracy and social justice is there for everyone.

Since our last meeting the developer has amended their S106 commitment and I urge you all to object to this poor movement before 13th April when the next planning committee meeting will be held





1.         Instagram Account – we currently have 256 followers and 96 posts.  Noted – no action needed.


2.         I have had a reply from Swansea Health Solutions – Gareth Davies has confirmed he is happy to have a defibrillator on the external wall of his premises.  Clerk to order defibrillator in due course.


3.         Calor Rural Community Fund – do we have to raise money via crowd funding to qualify for any extra funding? Yes extra funding is required – this is not an option. We will not be applying for funding.


4.         Letter regarding the unsightly exterior of the shop in Mount Pleasant – to discuss if any action can be taken. Reply to resident has been sent saying Community Council cannot take action but to report to Swansea Council as an individual if necessary.


5.         Chairpersons cheque for Gowerton School – has this been presented yet? Might be a better option to pay directly into Schools account via BACS so it appears in this financial year.  Cheque has been delivered to the school and thanks given.


6.         Renumeration payments to Councillors to be paid in March – Bank details needed. This has been done.








Order Number
















Flowers reimbursment

Flowers for Cllr Small






HP Ink

Month of January






Clerk Phone allowance

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Bowen Hopkins

Christmas 2020 Lighting Supply Charges






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Clerk reimbursement

Stationery items







Clerks Car Allowance - Mileage record



Detail of Journey




Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors (from Gowerton)



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors (from Gowerton)



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors (from Gowerton)



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors (from Gorseinon)



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors (from Gorseinon)



Deliver Letter for signing - Oakwood Drive.



Deliver Agenda pack to all Councillors



Total mileage =



Total car allowance claimed at 45 pence per mile  =







Emails 29/1/21


One Voice Wales – Winter Newsletter

Reply from Local Resident thanking us for our response with regard to dog waste bins.


Emails 1/2/21


One Voice Wales – Corona virus update

One Voice Wales – Remote training dates.

Nest Pension Registration


Emails 3/2/21


One Voice Wales – Keep Wales Safe Campaign

Cllr Small – giving apologies for meeting and giving her questions for business.

HP Ink – monthly invoice

Cllr Viv Davies – Confirming she would like to be included in the footpath scheme.

Cllr Susan Jones – Forwarding an email from Jennifer Barfoot about making Gowerton a “Buzzing Station”.


Emails 4/2/21


Swansea Council – precept letter


Emails 5/2/21


Esther Weller- Sight Awareness Training

One Voice Wales – Land registry survey

One Voice Wales – Code of conduct for Councillors guidance notes.


Emails 8/2/21


One Voice Wales – Eden Project Virtual Community Camp

Email from Clerk to all Councillors – notification of change of Clerks address.


Emails 9/2/21


Katie Powis – keep Wales safe posters

Samuel Hadley - Llangennech update and invitation to stakeholder briefing


Emails 10/2/21


Swansea Council – Planning list


Emails 11/2/21


Bowen Hopkins – invoice for xmas lights


Emails 15/2/21


One Voice Wales – Corona Virus Update

Gowerton Resident – letter about shop on Mount Pleasant

One Voice Wales – Constructive Conversations Course

One Voice Wales – Renumeration panel survey

One Voice Wales – Newsletter


Emails 16/2/21


Samuel Hadly – Stakeholder briefing session details

One Voice Wales – Elections News letter

Katie Powis – keep wales safe

Cllr Viv Davies – copy of email sent to Swanse Council requesting spare paint for bench painting.

Emails 17/2/21


Cllr Davies – requesting if we can paint benches in Gowerton



Emails 17/2/21


One Voice Wales – Remote training sessions

Swansea Council – weekly planning list

Cllr Sue Jones – forwarding an email from Swansea Council re planning meeting about Gorwydd Road Colliery site.


Emails 18/2/21


Calor Gas - Help power your community with the Calor Rural Community Fund

MacMillan Cancer Support – Asking for donation.


Emails 19/2/21


Cllr V Davies – photos of new footpath from Gowerton to Gorseinon

Cllr Sue Jones – forwarding a reply from Swansea Council regarding lack of communication about footpath opening.

One Voice Wales – Flytipping prevention plan survey – to be completed by end of March


Emails 20/2/21


Local resident asking if Council would be present at planning committee meeting regarding the colliery site. Reply sent saying yes, Cllr Jones and Cllr Evans would be representing Community Council.


Emails 21/2/21


Bay Landscaping – Invoice for January 2021

Local resident – Kinsbridge path query


Emails 22/2/21


One Voice Wales – Corona Virus update

Local businesss – confirmation of hanging baskets


Emails 23/2/21


Katie Powis – keep wales safe – rugby posters

Cllr V Davies – trees planted on village green. Request for plaques?


Emails 24/2/21


Swansea Council – Planning list


Emails 25/2/21


One Voice Wales – details of training sessions in March

One Voice Wales - Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales: annual report 2021 to 2022


Cllr Davies – New work Rail meeting notes.


Emails 27/2/21


Cllr Amanda Guard – meeting notes from Sight Loss Awareness training.

One Voice Wales – info on low interest rates.

Local Resident – complaint about overhanging tree.











1.    Cllr Anne Guard mentioned that the inner relief link road buffer fence is falling down. Clerk to report to Swansea Council.


2.    Cllr Ros Holt has been out collecting rubbish. It was suggested that each Councillor could be allocated a litter picker stick in the event of organized litter picks or should they want to go pick litter individually. Clerk to order the sticks.


3.    Cllr Holt suggested compiling a list of street signs that need replacing. Councillors to send any signs to the Clerk to compost a list.


4.    Cllr Holt said that the Astra Turf pitches at the Elba Sports Complex are being used and litter is being left. These pitches are not for used unless booked through Freedom Leisure. Unfortunately it is an on going problem with people climbing over the fences and using them.


5.    Cllr Viv Davies reported that the Trees out of the Chair Allowance 18/19 have finally been delivered and planted.


6.    Cllr Viv Davies asked if the benches on the road to Dunvant by the School could be painted along with the two benches on the cycle track. Cllr Howells could paint them perhaps?


7.    Cllr Davies mentioned getting Plaques for the new trees.


8.    Cllr Amanda Guard said that she had attended a Sight Awareness Course and they were looking to appoint a Sight

       Awareness Champion for Gowerton. It was agreed by all present that Cllr Guard should be appointed.


9.    Cllr Howells mentioned that there was a lot of dog waste on the ground by CK’s.








Application No: 2021/0177/FUL Date Registered: 25.01.2021


Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259326 196174 Development Type: Householder

Location: 39 Gorwydd Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3AG Proposal: Single storey side/rear extension Applicant: Mr Lloyd Selby Agent:


No objections


 Application No: 2021/0217/FUL Date Registered: 27.01.2021


Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259331 195924 Development Type: Householder

Location: 87 Cecil Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3DN Proposal: Part two storey part single storey side extension and single storey rear extensions Applicant: Mr Mark Dyer Agent: Mr Andrew Feather


No Objections



Application No: 2021/0172/PLD Date Registered: 27.01.2021


Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259561 195254 Development Type: All Others (CPLDS, Prior etc)

Location: 4 Springbourne Close, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3BB Proposal: Single storey rear extension and installation of a window to the side elevation (Application of a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development) Applicant: Mr & Mrs R Evans Agent: Mr Mark Stock


No Objections





Application No: 2021/0195/FUL Date Registered: 18.02.2021


Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2 Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 259118 196228 Development Type: Householder

Location: 23 Cecil Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3DF Proposal: Retention of rear balcony and hand rail Applicant: Mr Kevin Richard Watson


No objections




Meeting closed at 9.00pm













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