Minutes of the meeting held at Gowerton Con Club at 7.30pm on Wednesday 8 June 2022



PRESENT:  Councillors Susan Jones, Gareth Evans, Peter Morgan, Amanda Guard, Ann Guard,

 Lyneth Howells,  Matt Palmer, June Merrells,  Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.  


Ward member, Cllr Dai Jenkins.  Kaylie Ridgeway who has expressed an interest in becoming a Councillor.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllrs Brian Edy, Barbara Small, Pat Evans.





Cllr Matt Palmer was nominated by Cllr Sue Jones and seconded by Cllr Amanda Guard.  Cllr Palmer then Chaired the meeting in the absence of the Chairperson, Cllr Ros Holt.




20.        MEETINGS WITH: None required




22.        COUNCIL MINUTES: 18 May 2022


a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Sue Jones, Seconded by Cllr Ann Guard.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.






The Jubilee Celebrations for the 70 years that the Queen has reigned over us were a tremendous success.  The four days of events were varied and aimed at young and old residents of Gowerton.

Thursday the 2nd of June was the beginning of the celebrations.  I attended and firstly manned the busy Road allowing safe crossing for pedestrians - this has further hi lighted the need for a pelican crossing at this location.  Since the installation of the additional pedestrian entrance ( which I contributed to from my Community Budget) and which allows for clearer vision it is my intention to apply for this safety measure.  The number of children who use the facilities at both the Rugby and the Cricket Clubs need to have a safe crossing at this location.  The great variety of activities for children and adults was well supported with walking football, commando cricket, tag rugby and bowls for all to name a few.  The musical entertainment was impressive.  Gowerton School, Gowerton Amateur Production, The Singing Armadillos, Jackdawgs, Cwmbwrla Ukelie Band, and Swansea Rock Project we're all amazing   Then finally the Duck race which was entertaining.  All on our Family Picnic Day.


Friday the 3rd of June - the Market , this again brought a buzz to the village. It was great to see so many people enjoying the entertainment with Cor Waunarlwydd and Penclawdd Brass Band.  I did manage to see some of the stalls before the start of The Vintage Tea.  We received many, many cakes donated by the residents of the village, they all looked and tasted wonderful (I am told).  A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped decorate the hall, lay the tables, and serve the village residents, we served over a hundred teas to people.  The atmosphere was great and there were many compliments on this event.  It was great to see friends enjoying themselves after the Pandemic of the last few years.  The Rugby Jubilee Dinner with guest speaker Andy Powell in the evening which I am told was another great event.  The Disco's for the children at the Conservative Club were a great success, and thanks to them for organising.


Saturday the 4th of June.  The Craft Session in Gowerton Library for the children was again well attended and I would like to thank Pat Perkins for organising this.

The Tribute Show was a success, with great entertainment and good atmosphere - all in all a great night.


Sunday the 5th of June.  Firstly the service at St.John's Church which celebrated the Queens Reign.  The reception for the 'Covid Heroes' in the late afternoon at the Rugby Club.  It was an honour to welcome the Lord Lieutenant Louise Fleet and the Lord Mayor Councillor Mike Day to Gowerton Rugby Club and to introduce the volunteers who helped in Gowerton during the Pandemic.  The Lord Mayor cut the celebration cake and opened the buffet and again musical entertainment.  It also added to the event with the Welsh Football Team having a winning result for the World Cup.

I think we can be proud of the weekend and hope this could be repeated to build on our great village.


There have been some unusual phone calls over the past few weeks from three cows stuck in the Llan River to a duck family in danger near the Coop. Both had positive outcomes which I am so glad about.


I think I have secured a venue to restart the History Group, I will keep you informed.  It was good to see the new flagpole at the Primary School which I acquired for them.  I have had meetings with our Local Area Co-ordinator to address some issues for individuals.  I think I have a new volunteer to plant flowers at the front of the Library.  The watering at the square has been a problem during the dry few days and I have arranged for additional watering by the Council. The damaged bollard in the centre of the speed bumps on Gorwydd Rd has been reported, I am told it was hit by an articulated lorry?  A dangerous metal spike has been removed from the park.  I appeal again for anyone interested in organising a "Friends of the Park " to contact me.


I am holding a surgery at Gowerton Library on Saturday the 11th of June from 11.00 am to 12.00 noon.  All welcome.





Since our last meeting on 18th May 2022, I have been busy attending excellent online training sessions to enhance my skills as a new councillor for Gowerton Ward. I continue to report any potholes I observe in the village and post them on Gowerton Guardians site for visibility, so residents know someone’s reported them. I have spoken with Dean at the Commercial and have permission to hold a Dog Show there. I am thinking perhaps a Sunday afternoon in September, so it doesn’t clash with any school holidays, and maybe the weather will be a little cooler for the dogs. I have also spoken with The Commercial, The Conservative club and Rugby Club about my idea for a Gowerton Mastermind Competition. I have tried calling Mansel (Micky Mouse) and have had no answer so I will be visiting there soon to discuss the event- possibly one for around March as I hope to run Christmas Quizzes in December so would be too close to that I believe, we shall see. I have been approached for advice and to help if Gowerton decide to have a carnival day in 2023- more than happy to help in any way I can. I always run the treasure hunt part in Waunarlwydd. (The carnival is a weeklong event). This year it is Tuesday 19th July 2022 and being run from The Farmers. Teams start 4.30pm to 6.30pm, so if you want to come and support it all money goes to local charities, needless to say I can run one of those for you if you ever wanted, it is normally quite a fun event.


I have been contacted by residents and I am dealing or have dealt with the following


  1. Food box dumped in Pont Y Cob Road, reported, and removed.
  2. The dip between Gorwydd Road and Woodland – Reported all the overhanging trees and grass that need cutting back.
  3. Woodland Terrace itself, residents can’t park their cars properly due to overhanging branches – reported those.
  4. Requested a laminate sign (or permission myself) to put it by the bin in the children’s play area as people are placing dog waste bags into that bin, and it’s very unhygienic for the children (and parents/ guardians) having to experience that offensive smell.
  5. New cycle track off Alder Way, reported the grass protruding over the path causing cyclist to swerve, asked for that to be cut back.
  6. Overhanging branches on footpath B4295 opposite Tescos - reported same, branches causing issues on the other side of the fence into Llys Baldwin.
  7. Two complaints about former Gorwydd Colliery Morganstone site - one I advised to produce more evidence, one that did produce evidence resulting in Enforcement/query reference ENF2022/1059.


I helped to deliver the leaflets advertising the Jubilee events, attended meetings and matched Sue Jones contribution of £500 out of the community budget to help with the organisation of proceedings. Enjoyed the Thursday picnic and assisting with security and stewarding on Friday. Meeting the Lord Lieutenant, Louise Fleet on the Sunday along with Mike Day our Lord Mayor- celebrating community spirit of those that helped Gowertons’ residents during the pandemic. What can you say about Saturday nights tribute bands, absolutely amazing night I was so proud to see the work by others bringing a smile to the faces of many and I wish to place in my report, my sincere thanks to everyone involved in creating positive memories for everyone.








  1. I have prepared 2021/22 end of year figures and have taken the file to Lyn Llewellyn, Auditor. Upon return they will need to be signed off by the Chairman and Clerk/RFO before legal notices place on the website and notice board and the file will then be sent to the external auditor. The deadline for this is September 2022 but I plan to get them sent before the end of June. Update – The accounts have not yet come back from Lyn Llewellyn.


  1. The presentation of jubilee souvenir mugs at Gowerton Primary School was a lovely event to attend. The children all sang beautifully, and we all enjoyed the assembly.


  1. It has been very busy with the Jubilee events, and we have had fantastic feedback and comments from local residents.  There will be more details in next months’ report.


  1. I noticed that Swansea Council has put up 4 hanging baskets on the old LN pub.  I shall contact Parks Dept to question this as they should not be there and we will not be paying for those.


  1. I think it might be a good idea to create a Facebook account for Gowerton Community Council, if only to comment and to share photos to the Gowerton Residents Group rather than to do it from my own private account. 





Payments and receipts




Phone Allowance May



Jenkins Baker

Cake for Vintage Tea Party



Bay Landscapes Ltd

Inv 0181




Jubliee Items




Jubliee Items




Jubliee Items



Local residents

cash donation for jubilee




Public Liability Insurance



Jenkins Baker

Cake for Volunteers reception




Jubliee Items




Salary - May



Silverline Trading Ltd

Mugs for School




VAT refund 21/3/22



Judith Walters

Donation for facepainting etc



Life Support Training

Services at Jubilee event



Ebay purchase

wrong account used







Credit to correct error



Bal as at 31/5/22



Forthcoming payments in the month of June for authorisation



Phone allowance June




Office allowance Apr-June



Bay Landscaping Ltd

May Invoice



Motley pies





Buffet for reception



Gowerton RFC

Welcome drinks for reception




Payroll subscription






During the month of April we received approx. 200 emails.


These consisted of emails from Councillors, One Voice Wales, marketing emails etc which need no action.


Emails containing the weekly planning lists were all sent on to Councillors for information before the monthly meeting.


I have had ongoing correspondence from Dean Mason with regards to the Jubliee Weekend Celebrations. I have been distributing any emails Dean has asked me to send out to the Jubilee volunteers and I have also copied in Community Councillors.


It has been extremely busy with email enquiries from prospective stall holders right up until the day before the market was taking place.


We have also received replies from people saying whether they are able to attend the reception on 5 June 2022.


I have posted the thank you letter to the residents who donated £25 to the jubilee events.


We received an email from Paul Emmerton giving his resignation due to work commitments.


Our Instagram account has 287 posts and 455 followers.





  1. Welcome to Kaylie Ridgeway who has expressed an interest in joining the Community Council.


  1. Following on from Minute number 15.1 from May 2022 minutes, Cllr Dai Jenkins said he had had a call to say Cllr Andrew Stevens and Alan Ferris from Swansea Council were in the area and could meet with Cllr Jenkins. Cllr Jenkins said he is awaiting confirmation in writing of the outcome of the meeting and he will then share the information at the next meeting.


  1. Following on from minute number 15.9 from May 2022 minutes, the sign outside the Welcome pub has been mentioned to owner.


  1. Following on from the Ward Members report regarding speed bumps – Cllr Peter Morgan said a neighbours car on Gorwydd Road was hit by a speeding car. The current speed bumps not effective


  1. Cllr Gareth Evans received a phone call from David Francis, owner of Cefn Gorwydd Farm. Mr Francis said he is very disappointed with the speedbumps which are causing problems with noise.  Traffic is going over the speed bumps and making a lot of noise causing his dogs to bark,  especially during the night. It was agreed that Cllr Evans will pass on information when we get more information from the Ward Members after they have met with Swansea Council Officers.


  1. Cllr Peter Morgan said his neighbour has commented on the hedges on Victoria Road opposite the Harvester are overgrown. The Farmer is responsible – Cllr Sue Jones has reported it to Swansea Council so they can notify the Farmer.


  1. Cllr Lyneth Howells said she had heard lots of positive feedback re jubilee events. It was agreed by all present to discuss this years xmas events when we meet in September.


  1. Following on from Minute number 15.2 and the email from Mr Bivens, Brynymor Road regarding cutting back the overgrowth near his boundary – the work has been done.  Clerk to get clarification of lease of land from the Council as no rent is paid to the Council.  If this land needs to be treated for Japanese knotweed we need to establish who is responsible?  Clerk to speak to Baylandscapes who cut the grass to establish if there is indeed Japanese knotweed present.  Cllr Evans to take photos of the boundary that has been cut back.






Application No: 2022/1166/TPO Date Registered: 16.05.2022 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2

Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258487 196186 Development Type: Tree Preservation Orders Location: Pinewood Lodge , Uplands, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3ET Proposal: To lop two Oak and three Pine trees covered by TPO No. 451 Applicant: Mr Simon Callaghan Agent: Mr Stephen Lucocq


Gowerton CC does not object.


Application No: 2022/1219/FUL Date Registered: 26.05.2022 Electoral Division: Gowerton - Area 2

Status: Being Considered Map Ref: 258886 196426 Development Type: Householder Location: 39 Church Street, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3EA Proposal: Two storey rear extension, two rear dormers, increase in ridge height and rear extension to existing detached garage Applicant: Wayne Rees Agent: Andrew Evaso


Gowerton CC does not object.




Date of next meeting: 7.30pm Wednesday 6 July 2022 at Gowerton Conservative Club.




Meeting closed at 20.53 hrs









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