Minutes of the  Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 3rd July 2019

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Viv Davies, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Ros Holt, Beveley Jenkins,

 Susan Jones and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas


27.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Paul Emmerton and Claire Kups




29.       MEETINGS WITH:  None required




31.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 6th June 2019

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record. Except to note minor spelling mistakes.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted. To clarify, Cllr Susan Jones left the meeting prior to Agenda Item 10 and took no part in planning discussions.   Cllr Bolchover updated members on 25.2 to confirm  Temple members have been advised to contact clerk for any funding required, and 25.3 with regards to works being carried out to rear of property on Woodlands that cones have been put there for safety and it has been tarmacked over now.



Cllr Jones gave the following report:

Report for June 2019. (Only the last two weeks)

Meetings attended:- Adult Services Scrutiny Panel, Governor Meetings at both the Comprehensive and Primary Schools, Child and Family Scrutiny Performance Panel, Full Council and Planning Committee and site visit.

Meeting with Highway Area Manager to visit the site on Sterry Road where there have been parking issues on the footpath preventing access into drives and garages of houses in this area.  I have had keep clear signage installed to restrict parking but this has encouraged parking onto Leisure Land and destroying the grassed area.  I will continue to address this issue with the Parks Department.

I have had a meeting with a resident who is interested in becoming a Community Councillor in the village.  Hopefully she had contacted the Clerk for information to apply for one of the vacancies.

Nui’s Needles has moved to 61 Brynymor Road where her alteration service will continue.  There is a possibility that there will be an Art Gallery established in the vacant shop?

The contract/grant to the RNIB is being investigated and a meeting is being arranged to discuss the provision with the relevant Cabinet Member, Social Services Director, and the RNIB.  So hopefully the outcome will be favourably achieved and the service provision to the service users will continue.  I have introduced Sue Thomas (Volunteer for RNIB) to the Veteran Group that meets in the Rechabite Hall.

I attended the 10th Anniversary Concert of the Voices in Harmony which was a lovely evening of great entertainment.  Well Done to All.

I have to congratulate Mrs Sue Rumbelow on her ordination as a Priest.  I was honoured to be at the ceremony at Brecon Cathedral alongside many people from Gowerton.  Sue has achieved this with hard work and much dedication over the last few years and I have so much respect for her.

I also attended the Gowertonian Strawberry Tea in Burry Green, proceeds of this event is given to the Comprehensive School for pupils.  It was a pleasant afternoon with good weather and good company.

Today I was at the reception for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at the Patti Pavilion and Victoria Park celebrate the 50 years of Swansea becoming a City.





Cllr Gareth Evans gave the following report:


  • Attended Voices in Harmony 10th Anniversary concert in St Johns Church which was very well supported.  The choir was amazing with a wide variety of songs which were conducted by Nigel Hopkins the musical director.  There was also a guest appearance of Welsh operatic star Leah-Marian Jones and Andrew Matthews baritone, both of whom were brilliant, with an altogether a very entertaining evening.
  • Met with John Morris and Morley Howell yesterday from Gowerton Cricket Club to see what we as a Council could do to help in the restoration of the cricket pavilion which is 100 years old in 2022.  They gave Gareth a tour of the pavilion which included changing rooms, shower facilities and storage areas some of which are underneath the building.  They have had a structural survey done, the roof and supports are sound but changing facilities and showers are the originals and need upgrading.  Some of the supports for the covered seating area also need supporting.  The windows need replacing to double glazing as they are in a bad state.  They will be having a bill of works conducted shortly to assess what the costs will be.  Gareth has asked them to write to the clerk when they receive the bill of works which will probably be September/October.  In the meantime there are a number of events taking place this summer to raise funds including ‘Max Boyce Live’, which includes a cricket match followed by lunch in the Marquee and entertainment by Max with live music from local bands.  Also a golf competition in Fairwood gold club with 30 plus teams taking part.  Cllr Evans is sure there will be more events to raise funds which perhaps Council could be involved.



(a)           Miscellaneous

The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1.  Council member Vacancies – Clerk advised that she has received a letter of interest from local resident.  Council will informally interview

2.  Availability still for OVW Innovative Practice conference – 10th July 2019. For info.

3.  Confirmation of arrangements for Arts and Crafts Exhibition.  Cllr Bolchover updated all members on current progress. Gowerton School and the Welsh school have all had the relevant letters. The harpist has also been requested and posters have been produced.

4.  Set date for Christmas Grotto.  14th December 2019.


34(b)  Financial Matters

1.For Payment The following items are for authorization/ratification:





£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges x 2 incl August





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge x 2 incl August





Sage One

Online payroll system x 2 incl August






Monthly printer ink x 2 incl August






 The items of correspondence were noted.   




1.  Cllr Bolchover reported on the Patti Pavilion event she recently attended.  It was well represented by Gowerton including Mr Steve Bolchover who was honoured with a presentation for his environmental work.  Gowerton residents in attendance also included, Paul Thomas, Tony Small, Susan Jones, Carl Jenkins, Edwina Hart and the Penclawdd brass band.

2.  Cllr Davies advised that she has been tidying the garden by the notice board.  The strimmer needs a new spool which will cost approximately £3.00, and will also need to purchase some compost.  The waste bin is in in place next to the seats.  Cllr Davies advised that she would like to put a spruce on the triangle using the Chairs allowance.   Cllr Davies will also be checking whether village green status could be made of the Elba green, and members agreed for her to go ahead to progress this if possible.

3. Large blue container with trailer tow parked on pavement on top of Springfield Close junction with Mansel Street.  Need to clarify whether it is legally parked, and what purpose it is there.

4.  Climbing/Swing bar broken on Elba complex.  This was reported by resident to staff member, and was advised it would be removed, however the remains of the wooden post were still there jutting out from the floor, this was again reported and a bollard was placed on top however this needs permanent and urgent attention.

5.  The wide pathway by the slope on the pavement continually has cars parked inconsiderately on it.  This is stopping disabled residents gain access to the surgery.  A concrete bollard or other measure needs to be in place to stop this happening in future.

6.  Hedge overgrown opposite the harvester. (Cllr Susan Jones advised this is already reported)

7.  Bishwell Road cycle track – people continually parking in areas.  This needs to be reported and to check whether wardens can deal with this issue.

8.  Very sad news to hear that a railway operative got killed on the railway between Port Talbot Parkway and Bridgend.  Deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.




No plans received















Meeting closed at 8:35pm                                                                                              





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