July 2018



Minutes of the  Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 4th July 2018

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Viv Davies, Paul Emmerton, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Ros Holt,

Beveley Jenkins and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas


37.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Claire Kups and Susan Jones



Agenda – Planning: 2018/1372 1 Cae Mansel Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3HH

 Cllrs BS and AG declared an interest in this application and took no part in discussions or decision.


39.       MEETINGS WITH:

None required




41.  COUNCIL MINUTES : 6th June 2018

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted. 



Cllr Jones gave the following report:


Report for July for Community Council


Meetings I have attended during June: - Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, Scrutiny Programme Committee, Adult Services Scrutiny Committee and Full Council.

I have met with the new Warden in Llys Elba (Jo Grey) alongside the Local Area Co-ordinator Anne Robinson to discuss activities at the complex.

I have also met with members of the Gowerton Cricket Club to discuss the future of the Cricket Pavilion and given them some information on the availability of grants.  Also arranged for £250 to be given to assist in the new project to establish Girls Cricket.  I also visited the Cricket field on a Friday evening and was overjoyed to see upward of 100 – 150 children being instructed on the skills for the promotion of the cricket in our area.  Well Done Gowerton Cricket Club and their Chairperson John Morris.

I received a complaint from a resident in Clos Morgan Owen as to the lack of flowers at their site.  As a result of this myself and Anne Robinson have arrange for some plants and compost to be delivered and have a volunteer to arrange for planting into acquired pots.  I have also arranged for some daffodil bulbs to be planted for next spring.  During this time I have also visited a number of residents at Clos Morgan Owen.

There was a successful visit to Burry Port by the Gowerton Library Local History Group where about 12 of us used the vouchers from the Railways donated by the Community Council.

The Primary School had a successful Sports Day with all the children inviting their parents to observe.  It was very warm and it was pleasing to see that the Coop had provided fruit for the children- so a big thank you to Dan the Manager at the Coop. Again good to see all the activities which the children took part in.

On the 29th June the successful launch of the History Panels and the establishment of the first three to celebrate the Industrial Heritage of the village.  It was good to see all the Schools involved with the entertainment at each venue. Hopefully this will promote the village and encourage future generations to take pride and respect for their past.  There is an exhibition in the Library for all to visit.  Again well done to the Local History Group.

I have donated £150 to Gowerton Comprehensive School for the children to make some bird boxes to be established in the School and in the Park at Park Road.  I have received permission for them to be sited at the park and have been informed that they have now been made and are ready to be put in place.  Can I thank the school for supporting this initiative and looking after our wild birds.

There is a PACT meeting on the 25th of July in the Rechabite Hall which has been arranged by our newly appointed PCSO Angharad.  There is also an initiative which is being held to train volunteers with speed cameras and when I receive more information I will report to the Community Council.

I have received confirmation that Highways will carry out an assessment of the roundabout by the Coop.( I have sent an email to the Clerk)



Report from Cllr Davies:

Voices in Harmony Concert in St Johns Church. An excellent evening with beautiful music including the wonderful soloist Roz Evans and Mark Llewelyn Evans. It was her kind of music and an enjoyable duty for her. Cllr Davies has already sent a thank you letter to Mr. Hopkins.

The unveiling of the Industrial Heritage Plaques in Gowerton. Nearly all of us were in attendance to support them. A very successful day when parts the history of Gowerton have been recorded for posterity. Thanks must go the Gowerton Historical Group and all the work that they did to collate this information. Particularly to Sian Pritchard their Secretary, and Pam Morgan who used her knowledge of the grant system in Swansea to get them included in the Heritage trail which included Penclawdd and Three Crosses.

The Community Council need now to fulfil their pledge to insure them for the Village. Serena is looking into this. Cllr Davies has asked Sian to liaise with Serena regarding cost/specifications of the signs.

Cllr Davies attended the Rock Of Ages Concert in the Gowerton Comp last night. A very lively and enjoyable evening. The teenagers had really worked on their very colourful parts and showed great enthusiasm and talent.

Viv had taken copies from Gowerton Starch Facebook of the depressing pictures of the vandalised Bethel Chapel – for all to see. Gareth visited this site some months ago and reported on the dangerous state it was in then.  Serena has already contacted the Council regarding the Health & Safety aspects of it all and to find out what action can be taken.



(a)           Miscellaneous

  RESOLVED that:


The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1.   Next Community Council meeting – 5th September 2018.

2. Request made to clean signs at the entrance to the village.  Reported.

3. Internal Auditors report of 2018/18 Council accounts were found to have no matters to raise to Council and he signed off the accounts accordingly.

4.  Clerk advised of issue with regards to the unauthorized cutting back and cutting down of some trees adjacent to a property on Brynymor Road.   The resident stated to clerk when she rang to check facts on this removal, that the resident  had requested some limited work to be carried out on the area, but the person carrying out the work unfortunately misunderstood the instructions and removed far more that should have been.  The resident emailed apologies and explanation to the council which was read out in full to all members.   It was discussed and the situation was disappointing to members however to move forward it was decided that the removal of all of this debris will be requested to be carried out at the cost of the resident.  Any work on any more trees to make safe etc. would need to be done by a qualified tree surgeon.  This would then out an end to the matter.  Clerk to contact resident in due course.


44(b)  Financial Matters


1.     For Payment

The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system






Monthly printer ink





One voice wales






Lyn Llewellyn

Internal Audit Services





Ros Holt

Reimbursement for bulbs/flowers for station






 The items of correspondence were noted.   



1.  The grass bank on the inner relief road is in desperate need to be cut back. 

2.  In the next newsletter businesses need to be thanked for their contribution to the raffle, and also a section with regards to opinions of the village.

3.  Cllr Evans stated that he is looking into engaging with the Comprehensive to bring interest from younger ones to the Council.  Perhaps suggesting volunteering to do gardening etc. for older residents.  It would be good to get the school to be pro-active with the Council for mutual benefit.

4.  The Welcome to Gower pub car park is in a terrible state, it needs to be treated and screened off as it is an eyesore.  Clerk to contact Brains Brewery to request.

5.  Request to be made to have a box junction on Brynymor Rd traffic lights by Vets as the flow of traffic is ineffective at peak times.

6.  The website needs to be up and running again urgently as this is a key part of engaging with the residents.  Clerk advised this is due to be reactivated on 18th July.

7.  There is apparently a new chemist proposed to be coming to Gowerton, however the proposals indicate that it is to be opposite the existing chemist.  A questionnaire went around the village with regards to this and members have answered personally.

8.  Suggestion to be made to highways to have a mirror opposite the entrance to Elba Street.  The visibility in this area is extremely poor and when traffic is queuing there is very poor visibility for turning out of Elba Street.

9.  Cllr Bolchover gave the update on the Arts and Crafts exhibition; Man and a van need to be booked, also the Lord Mayor.   With regards to the buffet, clerk will check prices with local caterer to compare with current costs.  In September new chipboard will need to be purchased as one was broken last year.  New signage will be purchased and Cllr Small will check on collapsible signs and advise Clerk.     Clerk also suggested some new printed High Vis vests.  Cllr Bolchover said that everything was on track as usual and will further feedback in the next meeting.

10.  The next PACT meeting will be on Wednesday 25th July at 7.30pm at the Rechabite Hall.

11.  Some fly tipping was observed in the dip and was reported to the City and County of Swansea.  For info.



Following was resolved by Council:

1. 2018/1182- Minor Retail A1-A3 98 Sterry Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3BW

 Proposal: Change of use of ground and first floor from offices to delicatessen/restaurant with enclosed external seating area and addition of bi-fold doors to side elevation .  No Objection


2. 2018/1183/ Advertisements   98 Sterry Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3BW

Proposal: One externally illuminated individual letter sign on front elevation. No Objection.


3.2017/2709 Land Off, George Manning Way, Gowerton, Swansea, 

 Proposal: Erection of 41 dwelling units (100% Affordable Housing) - comprising 2 detached dwellings, 17 pairs of semi-detached dwellings, 1 pair of semidetached bungalows, and 6 apartments in 3 no. 2 storey blocks with associated landscaping, access, and parking Applicant: Coastal Housing Group

Object to Council on grounds of: Over development of the site, Site earmarked as agricultural land and therefore this use of land should be maintained.
The infrastructure of the village cannot cope with the extra households etc., this includes, local surgery, schools, sewers etc.
The village already has ongoing problems with the amount of traffic going through the village, this will only exacerbate the problem once again.


4.  2018/1372 1 Cae Mansel Road, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3HH

 Proposal: Single storey side extension.  No Objection.  Cllrs BS and AG declared an interest in this application and took no part in discussions or decision.























Meeting closed at 9.20pm                                                                                              






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