Minutes of the Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 5th February 2020

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Paul Emmerton, Viv Davies, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Ros Holt,

Lyneth Howells, Susan Jones and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas


87.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Non received




89.       MEETINGS WITH:  Joanne Edward – LAC Coordinator

Joanne introduced herself, and advised in her role she covers Loughor, Gowerton and Penclawdd.

Joanne advised of her role within the community:

  • Working with people in the community, who may have issues such as loneliness this could involve people living with disabilities, and of any age group.

  • Introductions can be made to vulnerable individuals, as long as you obtain consent to pass on their information.

  • Her role can be one to one, or could be community development.

  • LAC Facebook has been set up ‘Joanne Edwards Swansea lac’

  • Five LAC’s have been taken on and have taken part in a four week induction period.

  • This is not a service to create dependency, but rather assist people to help themselves and to help people develop themselves. This therefore builds resilience within individuals and communities.

  • If we know of anyone who may benefit, we can contact Joanne: joanne.edwards@swansea.gov.uk

    Or telephone: 07810 506173




91.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 15th January 2020

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record. Except to note minor spelling mistakes.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted.



Cllr Jones gave the following report:

Report for January 2020.

Meetings that I have attended:-

Scrutiny Performance Panel, Full Council, Schools Scrutiny Panel, Full Governors of the Primary School, Development and Regeneration Performance Panel and the Adult Services Scrutiny Performance Panel.

Meetings with Officers:-

Joanne Edwards our new Local Area Co-ordinator.

Highway Safety Officer Amanda


Issues around the village:-

It is pleasing to see that the pavement drainage issues have been addressed in Glanmorfa, thanks to Mrs.Davies from Education who supported me.  Also the pavements on the lower part of Sterry Road have been upgraded. Could I remind residents that there is a “pothole” line where people can report the potholes around the village.

I visited some of the residents of Llys Elba over the last few weeks and they have asked me to source grants to renew their television in the communal lounge.  So perhaps Community Council could consider this.

I have paid for the Elba Colliery Memorial Plaque to ensure the names of those who died will not be forgotten.  I would like to thank Mr.Anthony Holt for his work in restoring the garden in the Church Carpark.  I have also been in touch with Corporate Properties to find the Winding Gear that has been seen in the former Junior School.  Hopefully this has not been lost.

Also I have given a donation to “Gowerton Amateur Productions” out of my Community budget.  They put onto productions for the local community e.g. the Christmas pantomime etc.

I have attended the Dragon Flies Class where I was quizzed of the history of Gowerton.  They are doing a project on the village to ensure the children have an awareness of the present and the past of our village.  It was an enjoyable afternoon where the children asked very searching questions.  Thank you to Mrs.McEnvoy for the invitation.

I had a meeting with the Safety Officer from the Highway Department to discuss the areas around the School. There are a number of aspects that are being considered.

Joanne Edwards the LAC and I have had a meeting where I gave her some contacts in the village.  We are again meeting on Friday this week.

I attended the funeral of Sybil Couch at St. Mary’s Church.  Sybil was a serving City Councillor for the Castle ward.  Sybil was involved with the Welsh Arts Council and will be very much missed.

I have also had a request for the removal of the gates on the footpath between Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr and the Mount Pleasant shops to allow disability Scooters more access.  This request has been actioned to the Parks Department.

The bus hub situation seems to have been resolved although we are still awaiting the relocation of the bus shelter in Brynymor Road.

Good news regarding the second Chemist Shop which will be located in the former Aunty Ivy’s Building.  I have been informed by Dan Jones the owner that the new shop should be open by mid-June.  Thank you to the Welsh Assembly for upholding their original decision.

The Old Victorian Vents around the village (Mill Street) have been removed by Welsh Water because they were dangerous.  An assessment of these is being undertaken by Welsh Water.

The bin opposite the Rugby Club is still being used for household rubbish, I am not sure how much longer I will be able to keep this facility because of the inconsiderate people who are responsible for dumping their rubbish at this location. PLEASE PLEASE CAN I APPEAL TO THEM TO STOP.

Had a discussion with Chris Williams PCSO on various issues around the village e.g. parking etc. There is concern regarding the indiscriminate parking which is causing danger to pedestrians and I again appeal to drivers to be more considerate.

The street lights in Gorwydd Road have been assessed and some have been identified as beyond repair.  There is a list throughout the County of these lights and we have been added to the list for repair and replacement.  There is limited resource to rectify this situation and when funding is available this will be addressed.

I held a surgery on the first Saturday of the month (1st. February) and am dealing with a number of individual issues for individual residents.




Cllr Gareth Evans gave the following report:

1.  Attended area committee meeting 20th January 2020, guest speaker, Helen Nelson, officer of Future Generations Commission for Wales, talking of the role of community and town councils in relation to the objectives of the well-being of future generations (Wales ) Act.

2.  Possible future review of communities and town council boundaries.  In view of the fact there are just fewer than 4000 residents on the electoral roll at present and with WG considering lowering the voting age to 16 he is sure that Gowerton needs an extra County Councillor just for Gowerton.

3.  Gareth advised he has received an email from Daniel Jones regarding the application for a new pharmacy in Gowerton.  The Welsh Government have upheld the Local Health Boards decision to grant the contract, Daniel was thanking the Community Council for its support and is hoping to be open by mid-June.



(a)           Miscellaneous

The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1. Clerk Role Update.  Monday 17th February members can meet in the Rechabite hall at 2pm to discuss appropriate questions for the candidates.  Interviews will start on Wednesday 19th February from 6pm in 45 minute increments.

2.  Email received from resident re:Pharmacy and Traffic lights. Noted

3.  Email received from resident re: Street lighting on Gorwydd Rd. Noted

4.  OVW Training courses.  All members interested to inform the clerk for further information.

5.  Councillor Claire Kups has now missed consecutively 6 months meetings without reporting her apologies.  Cllr Evans sought advice from One Voice Wales and was advised that this results in automatic disqualification as a Cllr.  Clerk to write to Claire Kups, advise of this outcome and thank for input in the meetings that she did attend.

6.  Due to Clerk having to attend a family wedding the next meeting of Gowerton Community Council will be Wednesday 18th March 2020.


94(b)  Financial Matters

1.For Payment The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system






Monthly printer ink





Bowen Hopkins

Christmas Lighting – annual maintenance, storage, erecting on business properties etc.






18/19 Christmas lighting supply






 The items of correspondence were noted.   



1.  On the website the first page has Gareth ‘Davies’ incorrectly, this needs to be changed to Gareth ‘Evans.

2.  The raffle proceeds will be paid to the RNLI for the chairs charity.

3.  With regards to the air quality report carried out several years ago, another one would be beneficial to the village to be carried out, especially around Park Rd and Victoria Rd opposite the cricket field.

4.  There is a new bus stop stand at the bottom of Gorwydd Rd and it has no timetable.

5.  Ideas are invited from members with regards to the May 8th VE day event. It is of particular significance being the 75th year anniversary.

6. Sad news to hear of two deaths in the village – Peter Bennet and Jan Davies.  Funerals are being held this week.

7.  The pavements need to be swept behind the end of Shaw Street, and there are overhanging Ash tree branches.

8.  The resurfacing of the pavements by Top Knot on Sterry rd., down to Lulabellas is unsatisfactory.   The surface is very uneven and seems to downgrade the area.  The Council needs to inspect this issue.

9.  Cllr Holt advised that Jen from Topknot thanks the Council for putting up bollards.

10.  The sign for the bus stop is missing – on Cecil Rd opposite the comprehensive.

11.  Cllr Jones advised that the Neat team are going to be helping in the area of footpath 69 and will give attention to the lane by Park Rd shop, and all the way up to Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr.

12.  Letter received from resident with regards to the framed photograph of the 1930’s Parish Council in Gowerton.  This is currently hanging in Clerks office; however progress will be made to site at Rechabite hall.

13.  With regards to the Heart of Wales Line ‘travelers association’ if there are no volunteers coming on board in the next 18 months, they will have to close it down.  Membership is up in March and costs £18 per year.

14.  Cllr Howells has complained to Highways with regards to having yellow lines repainted on Sterry Rd/Talbot Street.

15.  Lyneth advised she had been down to Llys Elba complex with some biscuits from Community Council.  Residents thanked her for these.  Also Cllr Howells will get a DBS check done as this will be useful in the future.

16.  There are many ideas for VE Day and confirmation made that these ideas will need to go through full Council first.




No registered planning applications.





























Meeting closed at 9:15pm                                                                                          Chairperson


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