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Minutes of the  Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 6th February 2019

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Viv Davies, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Ros Holt, Beveley Jenkins,

Susan Jones and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas


97.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Paul Emmerton




99.       MEETINGS WITH:  None required



Ms. Hill reported that she was very disappointed that the application for more housing off George Manning Way has been approved.  She stated that the County Council states that the environment is their priority, however all the green spaces are being developed!

Ms. Hill also provided members with tickets for the upcoming Choir at Gowerton School on 18th February.

Members thanked Pearl for coming to the meeting and expressing her concerns.


101.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 5th December 2018

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted. 



Cllr Jones gave the following report:

Monthly Report for January 2019.


Meetings attended:-

Equalities Scrutiny Panel – gathering information on the impact of Universal Credits, Big Conversation with Secondary School Children, equalities representatives from all Departments of the Council , LGBT forum, and the Education Department.

Full Council, Democratic Services Committee and Planning Committee and site visit.

I have received training on Children with Additional Needs and Data Collection associated with the Comprehensive School. It was good to know that Gowerton Comprehensive School are achieving good outcomes for the children and are amongst the most successful in the Authority and in fact in Wales. Congratulations to all the pupils and staff of the school.


The Planning Committee visited George Manning Way and I spoke against the development along with two residents of George Manning way and Mr. Williams of Mewslade House. There was a debate which looked at all the issues with this application especially the effect of the drainage problems already being experienced. This development is in the countryside and outside the village boundary and we were told that if the developer had been private it would not have been considered. But because it is 100% social housing this rule is not enforced. The voting was very close 3 for / 3 against 2 abstentions and the casting vote by the Chair carried the approval. Again

Gowerton has more houses?? Despite the lack of infrastructure!

The Coop has again supported the village Comprehensive school by providing a collection bin for

‘Period poverty’. I hope when you visit the shop you will donate.

I have again ordered wild flowers for the village and included the drive of the Comprehensive School

for the displays.

I was saddened to hear of the deaths of Mrs. Una Williams a former Community Councillor for the village.

I am meeting an officer to arrange for the NEAT team to carry out some work in the village.

Also there is an Annual Concert in the Gowerton Comprehensive Hall on Monday the 18th February at 6pm Featuring “Hangleton Youth Brass Band” and the School Choir and Instrumental Ensemble raising funds for local organisations.

I have spoken to the resident regarding putting household rubbish in the litter bins because this could result in that bin being taken away. Could we all consider the consequences of such action.


I have received complaints on the Day Services charges being implemented with elderly and learning disability Services. Some people are being charged £40 a day with a cap of £80. This is causing some difficulty for a number of people. My concern is that those that need this service will refrain from attending because of this cost.

I have also received complaints regarding the wood collection being discontinued at Garngoch Recycling Centre. Also the new instructions for black bags being implemented.



Chair persons Report February 2019

Wed. 6th February 2019

1. Attended One Voice Wales meeting in County Hall with Cllr Gareth Evans.

One items I picked up on was that they recommended that Councils put together a business plan for future issues. We should perhaps put some thought to this.

2. Posted thank you letters to all the businesses that contributed to the Christmas Raffle. (Copy being circulated)

3. Reported one business’s concerns about delivery vans parking on the curb/pavement outside the business in Sterry Road. The Council have investigated and the area will be monitored by wardens.

4. Liaised with Design Print and the council regarding the installation of the Gowerton Notice Board.

Visited the site twice on Monday, 4 th Feb. to see the workmen. It is installed at a specific angle so that it will not obliterate the view of drivers yet at a glance they will see both sides. The map will be particularly important to tourists/walkers/cyclists etc. I now have the two sets of keys. Possibly they should be held by the Chair and vice chair or clerk. I will put a cement slab to have some firm footing for whoever is putting items in it. There has been some small amount of criticism that the board is too far away for some people to see. This is to be expected as anything new/or an initiative by the Community Council will give rise to this kind of thing. The Notice Board is in a stunning situation and we have had a lot more complements than moans. We are at an experimental stage – as Gowerton has not had a Notice Board for about 20 years. We simply need to enlarge the printed font

(about 18/20 bold) to make important messages more visible.

As a primary initiative, I have been liaising with institutions in the Gowerton area who have been pleased to supply a list of their groups and facilities. By making information like this available to the public we will hopefully bring the Community together and ensure that everyone knows what is available for them to be part of the community. Some of these notices have already been installed and others are due to be put in. So far we have St Johns, The Temple, The Library, The Scouts, The Girl Guides. As I have received these notices via email, they have been laminated for extra protection. I have also approached the Rugby Club and also Cllr Linda Bolchover for the Rechabite and hopefully these will come along at some time.

For issues like charity concerts/events in the area etc we will need to have a scrutiny policy – in that all applications outside the Council, will in future need to apply to the Clerk and be passed in Council Meetings.

I think we as the Council should immediately think of expanding this way of keeping the people informed and put another –perhaps wall mounted Notice Board on Mount Pleasant (On the shop building???) and another over toward the Bishwell area – possibly on the grass verge of Bishwell itself or at the bottom of the lane leading to the school? (Council Land). There are areas in Gowerton that are woefully isolated from information and utilities. It is our duty as a Council to TRY and assuage this.

As a temporary measure, I have allocated One side of the new Board to be dedicated to the Council and put part of our magazine in this side (for a bit of colour) with details of our website and clerks contact details. I included the fact that we have 2 vacancies at present.

5. Whilst the people are absorbing the lists of exciting groups I think the Council should concentrate on the Landscaping – which is one of the two main reasons we put the sign in this position. We cannot let Gowerton down on this point as it is in a very strategic site. I have bought some winter flowering Heather plants to support the daffodils that are coming through around the edge. It does need more plants and I suggest that a small Rhododendron (for winter leaf) and perhaps Hydrangea be planted

in the centre with perhaps a formal square of 8 bush roses (which are cheap at the present time) These will flower continually during the summer and we have discussed previously that we should plant colourful Petunia plants in March which we have found (on the railway station) will flower continually and make this junction in Gowerton very colourful.

6. I have been in contact with the section of council who are to paint the seats. I didn’t expect them to do this so soon after the Notice Board, because the weather was so cold and wet - which isn’t conducive to paint drying (Especially Hammerite) I have an e-mail instruction from them – so we only need to buy the paint and brushes and possibly supply a loan of dust sheets. As I am tied up with trying to start the landscaping, would one of the Councillors like to take on the responsibility of buying the shiny black Hammerite and brushes please and liaising with the Council? NO

7. There has been a great deal of interest in this area on the Gowerton Starch facebook by people who might like to be involved in keeping Gowerton tidy. Could I ask whether perhaps we could advertise to see if any would like to be involved in the Station Adopters Group? Would this be feasible? If the Council agree I could place a small ad in the Notice Board to ask interested parties to get in touch with the Clerk or a councillor to arrange a particular day for work to be done. PASSED.

8. I have made enquiries to Gorseinon Town Council regarding their Skateboarding Park. I am a bit miffed that Gowerton Youth are missing out on a more challenging and exciting bit of equipment – when others have them. Possibly this is something that can be discussed by council in future. (Does Cllr Sue Jones have more information to push it forward?) Would anyone like to be involved in investigating this and perhaps speak to the Penyrheol managers of the ELBA?

9. From my interaction with Gowerton business people before Christmas (and indeed the recommendations at the One Voice Wales meeting), I would still like to ask them to form a Business Forum – independent of the Community Council. (even if there was no enthusiasm for it some years ago) With Brexit and all the challenges that they have at the moment – we need to show that we, as a Council, are trying to promote the economy of the area. I should like to have this discussed at a future Council Meeting.




(a)           Miscellaneous


The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1.  Members resolved that due to Coop bank closing in Swansea, and nearest branch is now in Cardiff, clerk will arrange to switch the banking to a local Barclays bank ASAP. Members resolved that the Chair, Vice Chair, Cllr Susan Jones, Cllr Linda Bolchover and Cllr Ros Holt would be signatories on this new account.

2.  It was resolved by members that once the shed has been erected at the rear of the Rechabite Hall, plastic boxing will be purchased and suitable Community Council cupboard contents can be transferred across. 

3.  Review of the Charter between City and County of Swansea and the Community/Town Councils within its boundaries.  Clerk circulated new proposals to all members.  These were to be taken home and members are to feedback their thoughts at March’s meeting.  These will then be collated and comments sent to COS as requested.

104(b)                                      Financial Matters

1.For Payment The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system






Monthly printer ink





Clerk Mileage






Bowen Hopkins

Christmas Lights/Install





Kingsbridge Print







Annual Shed Rent






Notice Board Installation




S137 – Gowerton School Tour - £150.00



 The items of correspondence were noted.   



1.  Cllr Evans reported on meeting of OVW area committee:

Guest speaker was James Davies – Planning Aid Wales

Topics covered were policies, LDP, Key legislation, town and country planning acts (1990), secondary legislation and development management procedure orders from 2012.   Interesting to note that the inspectors report with regards to Cefn Gorwydd developments states that the City and County of Swansea does not set out a robust monitoring framework for the work being carried out!

2.  Cllr Evans Reported on meeting of Community and Town Council Forum (28th January)

Planning procedure/legislative changes – presentation, Sustainable development principles – presentation, Keeping recyclables out of all black bags – presentation, and finally the review of the Charter – Clerk covered this in her report.

3. Arrangements are to be made to organize the painting of the oldest lamp posts in Gowerton.  For info.

4.  For info – The road sweeper has cleaned Brynymor Rd, Cecil Rd and Park Rd.

5.  The bin is still missing from Glanmorfa – this is needed as it is a route back and forth to the school and the schoolchildren need somewhere to put their litter.

6.  For info – Elba Carpets is relocating.  Location not yet known.

7.  For info – With regards to the potential new chemist in Gowerton, the decision will not be made by the Welsh Assembly until April.  The Health Board is currently renting the space for consultation room purposes.



No Plans were registered for this period

Meeting closed at 8:55pm                                                                                              



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