Minutes of the Meeting of Council held at Gowerton Con Club at 7.30pm on Wednesday 2021



PRESENT:  Councillors Susan Jones, Paul Emmerton, Ann Guard, Barbara Small, Roz Holt, Gareth Evans, Lyneth Howells, Linda Bolchover, Clerk to the Council:  Allison James.

            Also present – Pat Evans who has expressed an interest in becoming a Community Councillor and was invited to sit in on the meeting to observe.


61.        APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Councillors Matthew Palmer, Amanda Guard, Brian Edy.


62.        DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS: Cllr Gareth Evans refrained from taking part in the decision of Pat Evans becoming a Community Councillor.


63.        MEETINGS WITH: None required




65.        COUNCIL MINUTES: 10 November 2021


a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Susan Jones, Seconded by Cllr Ann Guard.

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken were noted.




Cllr Susan Jones


It has been a very busy few weeks, with many residents from the village seeking advice with individual issues. I am still having meetings on TEAMS which will continue for the foreseeable future. Scrutiny is continuing online.


There was a successful Community Remembrance Service in the triangle around the flagpole.  It was attended by many individuals, and Reverand Pye conducted a short service where the poppy flag was raised and a “ Last Post” was heard.  The tribute of a cross of poppies was laid at the base of the flag by Rev Pye.  Hopefully, this will now be an annual event.  The Remembrance Service in St John’s Church was also an emotional event for me, with relatives names from both sides of my family read out (Benjamin Littlejohns in the 2nd World War and Job Griffiths from the 1st World War). We will remember them.


I held a “Street Surgery” at the Mount Pleasant Shop where the Police, Safer Swansea Partnership, Neighbourhood Support Unit, Gorseinon District Housing, Donna Kendall our Local Area Co-ordinator, Matthew Palmer (Community Councillor) and myself were in attendance. It was advertised through Facebook, and I had some criticism that this was not sufficient. There were a few of the residents who came to discuss some issues and I am organising an action from that gathering.  I would like to thank those that took the time to come and have a chat and look forward to working on some of the issues discussed.


I have also been visited by a research person from Swansea University who is exploring how we as a village coped during the lockdown of the pandemic.  I had an audio interview, where I was questioned on various topics during that time.  I look forward to seeing the finished report which is taking place in the City and County of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Area.  I think the research is being funded by the EEC.  


I have attended a meeting in the Libary with Ysgol Gyfyn Gwyr, Education Officers and Mrs.Pat Perkins (Librarian) where I was informed that the parking area for YGG is to be extended.  The parking issues at the Library is ongoing, with staff and pupils using this parking area designated for the library users.


I would like to encourage people to lock their cars, garages, and outhouses as there have been cctv evidence of an intruder trying the doors of the cars on peoples drives throughout the village.  This situation has been reported to the Police.


I have purchased a “Merry Christmas” flag for the centre of the village and I would like to thanks Mr.Terry Nichols for installing.  I think it is important to wish each and every person in the village, Compliments of the Season and a Happy Healthy New Year for 2022.  


I would like to thank Dave Nichols for the Defibrillator Training.  There were approximately 20 participants, including some people from Waunarlwydd.  If there is further interest in this traing, Dave would be prepared to put on another night.  The evening was very informative and gave up to date procedures during this pandemic to be adhered to. I have purchased two for the village and am awaiting confirmation from the Authority regarding their location.  I would like one for the Bishwell area and the other at the bottom of the village in Shaw Street near the Sheltered accommodation.


Walk and Talk has been going for over a year.  It has been a joy to have some fresh air, some good company and address some of the isolation issues in our Community.  Today we have been 14 in number, although weather not the greatest.  Next Wednesday the 8th of December will be our final walk before Christmas where we have a small celebration at Y Shed, all wear Christmas Jumpers.  This will be the final walk for this year and we will start up again after the Celebrations.  I will post the date on Facebook.





1. Air quality monitoring equipment in village is being regularly monitored to ensure levels are within recommended standards, can we have figures for the last 6 months and can we move them to different locations if required.

2.Fence on bank of link road between the Commercial and the Surgery still not repaired, the 2 panels that were down for months have now increased to 5 panels. This has been reported on numerous occasions, this is not acceptable from the CCOS.

3.The Chairs allowance this year goes to Gowerton cricket club for the refurbishment of the Pavilion. The club has a registered charity status and is working with the Landfill communities fund who support projects to improve the life of communities, and with monies donated to the club are hoping to secure match funding from the Landfill communities fund.

4.From next year all C&T councils will have to keep a record of training for councillors.I think we can all benefit from the online courses offered by OVW, especially our new councillors. Some examples I could recommend are The Council.

Well-being of future generations act.

The Councillor.

5.Defibrillator/ CPR training

Dave Nicholls gave a comprehensive and professional training session on the method of using CPR followed by a detailed use of a defibrillator. It was very well received by those present, who asked numerous questions, he will be available in January for a follow up session.

I would recommend that all councillors’ attend as it’s a very worthwhile course





  1. Christmas Dinner is booked for 22 people for 7.30pm on Monday 13th December 2021.


  1. Horse and Carriage is booked for Sunday 19th December 2021. Cllr Emmerton has kindly agreed to be Santa. Deposit of £200 has been paid to Rowena Moyse. Total cost will be £400 for hire of horse and carriage plus a driver and assistant.


Nomad are organizing a craft fayre that afternoon also. I have seen a pop up postbox for £15 on Amazon which could be used for children to post letters to Santa.


Any other ideas for that afternoon? Sue has passed on a contact for some people to play brass instruments. I will contact once we have agreed on timing of events.


  1. Defibrillator on Swansea Health Solution is wired up with heat and illumination. Defibrillator on the library has been moved to the front of the building.








Order Number

Cheque number or payment type




















Con Club

Coffee/tea at meeting









Phone Allowance








Rowena Moyse

Deposit for horse and carriage








Clerk Salary






















During the month of November, we received over 200 emails.


These consisted of emails from Councillors, One Voice Wales, marketing emails etc which need no action.


Emails containing the weekly planning lists were all sent on to Councillors for information before the monthly meeting.


I received a reply from Ian Davies from Swansea Council in response to the email I sent out to the Chief Executive, Pobl and NRW. The email has been sent to all Councillors for their information.


I received an email from Dean Mason, Gowerton Cricket Club who would like to meet up with Community Council and County Councillor Susan Jones to discuss the Queens Jubilee celebrations next year. A meeting is arranged on 8 December 2021 at 6pm in the Harvester in Gowerton. I shall then report back to the next meeting and we can discuss.


I have had an enquiry from a lady who would like to apply for the last remaining Community Councillor vacancy. I have requested that she sends some information about herself via email in the first instance.


The instagram account has 354 followers and 199 posts.





  1. Cllr Small commented on how nice the Merry Christmas flag is that Cllr Jones has arranged.
  2. Cllr Small asked what work is being started on the land surrounding Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr. Cllr Jones replied that the car park for the school is being extended.
  3. Cllr Jones has received complaints about Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr and noise levels on the weekends. It would appear that some heavy duty power washing is being undertaken to the outside of the building and many residents have complained about the constant noise.  Cllr Jones has written to Mr Dafydd Jenkins, the Head Teacher. No response to date.
  4. Cllr Evans said that he has noticed on 9 Bishwell Road that everything has been cleared apart from one car and two trailers and it is hugely improved to what it was previously.
  5. Clerk requested that route for the Santa carriage is agreed. Cllr Evans had devised a route. Clerk to send it to Rowena Moyse.
  6. Postbox outside the Temple near the tree – the question was asked by Cllr Small whether replies would be sent to any letters posted by children.  Due to the time involved and possible GDPR issues, it was resolved that no replies would be sent.


Meeting closed at 21.02


Date of next meeting – Wednesday 5 January 2022 at Gowerton Con Club.






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