Minutes of the  Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 5th December 2018

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Viv Davies, Paul Emmerton, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard, Ros Holt, Beveley Jenkins, Susan Jones and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas, Resident Liz Almond


77.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Claire Kups




79.       MEETINGS WITH:  None required


80.   TO RECEIVE ANY PUBLIC REPRESENTATION – Letter received – Resident Liz Almond

Several issues raised in the letter with regards to the anti-social actions of some dog owners in the village.  Also raised was the lack of dog bins within the Drovers Point pathway areas.  It was also explained there are some irresponsible dog walkers that are throwing their bags of dog excrement over fences along the route and into the trees.  This results in the area being unclean and smelling offensive.

Ms Almond requested that the Community Council should look into the provision and installation of a dog waste disposal bin for the area and erect some anti fouling signs in the area.


81.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 7th November 2018

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted. 




Cllr Jones gave the following report:


November 2018 Report for Community Council.


Meetings I attended:- Development and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel x 2, Equalities Scrutiny Panel, School Performance Scrutiny Panel, Adult Services Scrutiny Panel, Children Adolesant Mental Health Services  Review, Trustee Panel – to consider Educational Trust Fund and Full Council.


Meetings at Gorseinon Fire Station to discuss Community Meal.

Governor Meetings at both the Primary School and the Comprehensive School.


Training on Looked After Children and my responsibilities as a Governor .

During this month there have been many issues with Planning Enforcement in the village. There has been a complaint of dumping of waste material on land in Fairwood Terrace, also a meeting with Planning Officers and a resident regarding a planning application.

 I have also been involved with the Primary School to explore the possibility to regular visits to the two elderly complexes in the village – the Folk Group are visiting both areas on the 14th December to entertain the residents. Hopefully these visits will continue in the New Year. The Folk Group sang in Drovers Court today (4th December 2018) and are in the Quadrant in Swansea on the 7th.December. I have already attended the Nativity Celebration in the Primary School which was a spectacular production and both children and staff have worked so hard and need to be congratulated.

The Remembrance Service held in Gowerton Comprehensive was a very emotional event which hi-lighted the many soldiers who lost their lives and had attended the School. Each and every soldier was represented by a pupil who emphasised the many fallen soldiers. The service was repeated for the Community to attend with many of the feeder schools contributing to the event. St .John’s Church also held a Remembrance Service. I was also touched when the Remembrance Bench was used for the children of the village to place their “Gowerton Rocks” painted with poppies to commemorate the fallen soldiers. The Lamp-poppies were also put up in Sterry Road, which I arranged.


I have arranged for the lowering of the pavement in Glanmorfa to accommodate mobility scooters to access the local Tesco independently – this is currently being installed and this has been paid for from my Community Budget.


There was flooding in Parkwood during the heavy rain.  I have arranged for a camera assessment to be carried out to ensure that there is no underlying problem such as a collapsed drain.

Because of the complaints from the residents who live in Bryn Close and who cannot safely exit Bryn Close I have received a plan from the Highway Department to install double yellow lines along a section of  Gorwydd Road.  I intend visiting the people who would be affected on Gorwydd Road for their opinions, this will be during January 2019.    


The First Community Meal was a success and I was sorry that I was unable to attend.  I meet with Anne Robinson and the Veteran Club to organise before the event,  I would like to thank Anne and The Veteran team for all the hard work which ensured that this was a success.


Unfortunately the Fire Service withdrew the secondment of Anne as our Local Area Co-ordinator and she has now finished with her involvement in Gowerton. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work and hope she is successful in future opportunities.


The Veteran Club was in attendance when the Central Fire Station completed a Car Wash for their funds. This event was well supported and the funds were shared with other charities. My car was sparkling after the wash. Also the local Coop has offered support to the Veterans Club. Gowerton Library also gave a gift of tea bags, coffee and sugar to the Veterans Club.


It is great to know that the Coop has also supported the Gowerton Scouts this year and next year Gowerton Primary School is to be supported. I would like to thank Dan Jones and his staff for all their help.

There are still many concerns expressed by residents regarding the Coop Roundabout and the exit and entrance into Elba Street since the new road layout.  I have been in communication with the Highway Department regarding these concerns about these areas and as you are all aware the funding is an issue. I just hope that these problems are addressed before any accidents happen.


There was also a concern regarding the Christmas lights at both Llys Elba and Clos Morgan Owen.  This has been addressed and the lights will be switched on this week.


Voices in Harmony are celebrating their first ten years with their 10th Annual Concert which is in St. John’s Church on Monday the 10th of December and I was honoured to present all members with a commemorative gift to recognise this event.


There is a” Festival of Christmas Music” hosted by the St. John’s Musical Players again in St. John’s Church on Monday the 17th December at 7.00pm.  They also held a musical evening in the Conservative Club earlier in the month raised funds for the Veteran Club being held in the village. This was a very enjoyable evening which was well supported.





Thurs 15

Visited the exhibition/roadshow in Swansea Railway stn to find out about the new franchise which has taken over the railway going through Gowerton. More train journeys promised but new rolling stock will probably be introduced in 2020. Leaflets available.



Fri 16th


Attended meeting in the Library of Coastal developers and residents of George Manning Way development in Mount Street area. The proposed housing was very pretty and one or two people there did say that they wanted to downsize into this new estate, but the majority were concerned about the increase in traffic, the access road into the estate, the sewers, and extra school places. The pressure of more people without increased infrastructure. Lack of bus service, lack of water pressure at peak times. These comments reflect the official opinion of the Council.

 It was pointed out that a green wedge area of woodland between the new development and the old houses did not have access to anyone and neighbouring houses were concerned that the drainage ditch would be not be maintained and rainwater would flood their gardens.


Attended lunch supplied by the Fire Brigade for Veterans and isolated people in the Rechabite Hall with entertainment by the St Johns Singers.

Fri 30th

Presented Primary School Children with Certificates and Medals for winning Art & Craft art works. Also congratulated ALL the children that took part for their excellent work. The sporting activity theme seemed a popular one with the children.

I was a bit concerned that there seem to be a breakdown in communication with the school and the Community Council. They are holding events there – which members of the council should and probably would enjoy seeing. Like a fair that was held last week. If we expect them to support us in events like our Art & Craft we should really be supporting them. Perhaps our councillors on their committee would inform us of any events that we could attend and support them – even in a unofficial capacity.

Also it was drawn to our attention that large sheets of glass windows have cracks in them and this design fault would be rectified during the holidays. The roof also had approx. 9 leaking areas. Not expected in a new school.

Nov 30

I chased the clearing of the lane behind the Dan Yr Allt complex and this has now been done - as well as a reduction in the overgrown laurel around the post box in that area.


Reported loose manhole cover in Mill Street and 2 days later it was broken and in a vertical position. – so it was resolved very quickly.


A Resident asked me to report fly tipping in garden in Church Street that was actually from a house in Mill Street. This is being attended to by the environment department.

2 items for reporting to CCS

There are brambles overhanging the pavement in the large carpark which people need to walk to avoid walking amongst the cars and

also overhanging the road infront of Mill St surgery leading to railway bridge which cars have to swerve to get around.

Parking dangerously on pavements. I have been asked whether we can arrange for a bollard or even railings infront of the Swansea West Rentals business at 89 Sterry Road, to prevent vans from driving at speed to mount the curb. Parking on the curb is bad enough – because the pavement isn’t very wide, but the speed the vans drive to mount the curb is positively dangerous.

Santas Grotto

Visited most of the businesses in Gowerton to ask for raffle prizes with not much success – but there are still a few more to go.

Whilst speaking to the business owners, it was quite interesting that a few comments about the area were repeated. Namely:

The parking problem

The lack of footfall

The many closed businesses and possibly closures in the new year

How can the Community Council help promote the businesses in Gowerton? Could we perhaps pay for a page of promotion/advertising in the SA4 mag/Evening Post and I suggest we hold a meeting of all businesses in the new year.


Unfortunately, the Flooding Symposium/training in the Liberty Stadium for 10/11 December was overbooked so I can’t attend, but they have contacted me and are able to fit me in the introductory part of the symposium for the morning of 10th Dec. So at least I will get an inkling of what precautions are being put in place. They will contact us when a further event is organised.


Theresa Morgan contacted me to invite the community Council to the Combined Village Carol Service on Sunday, 9th December at 3.00 pm in the afternoon. I would like to attend, but will be travelling to Bristol and Oxford the day before – so would like one of you to do the reading that they have allocated for us – just in case I am not available. 


I have been asked to attend the Lord Mayors Carol Service in St Mary’s with my partner on Thursday, 20th December. So I will be attending that.


I will be attending the Musical spectacular in St Johns Church on Monday 17th December but in capacity of my Ladies Choir.






(a)           Miscellaneous

  RESOLVED that:

The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1.  Understanding Welsh Places collaborative project: Clerk explained that this will be several agencies coming together to produce a website that presents details and information about Wales all on one site.  Noted

2.  Email received from Martin Bignell re: Trees by Glanmorfa.  Clerk advised that this will not be carried out this winter due to other higher priorities.  Clerk advised that she has advised them that in poor weather large branches are falling.   Members expressed concern with regards to this work not being carried out, as this is a repeated request.

3.  Invitation to City Carol Service.  Cllr Davies will be attending.

4.  Email received from Brynymor Rd resident re: Ash tree/flowers.  Clerk advised that upon last inspection by County Council tree officer, the large Ash tree was deemed safe with no evidence of disease.  The wildflowers that have died and are remaining to the front of the house need to be cleared and the Clerk will make this request.

5.  S137 allowance is £8.12 per elector from 2019/20 financial year.  Noted.

6.  Newsletters.  These were circulated to members.  To be delivered prior to Father Christmas Grotto.

7.  LDP Update.  There Swansea LDP has undergone a series of Examination hearings by independent Inspectors appointed by the Welsh Government.  Drain amendments addressed and to be commented on by deadline.

8.  Father Christmas Grotto. Arrangements put in place to meet at the Rechabite Hall at 10am for set up of the event.



84(b)  Financial Matters

1.For Payment

The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system






Monthly printer ink






Medals (Dorian Heel Bar)






Laminating Pouches/paper/envelopes






Use of church for Arts and Crafts







 The items of correspondence were noted.   





1.  Cllr Evans advised he had attended the Remembrance service, which was very moving and poignant at the 100 year anniversary.

2. Cllr Evans also advised that attended a Health and Safety course in County Hall, however only 4 people turned up.  Advised that it would be worth the Clerk in the future going on a risk assessment course to get accreditation.  There is also a community engagement course on 12th December.

3.  With regards to the ‘abandoned’ house on the Bishwell, Cllr Evans advised he has been in touch with Sally Jones of County Council who deals with empty buildings, however she is limited within regulations what she can do to rectify the situation.  An enforcement officer, however, will assess the cars, oil tanks etc and take back to a team to discuss.  They will then make a decision within 10 weeks.  Cllr Evans emphasized that this issue is having an impact environmentally and socially to the area.  Also the health and safety issue is raised in case of children playing in the area.  Rats have been observed in the area.

4.  Cllr Bolchover reported on the Community meal recently served at the Rechabite Hall.  This was very successful with 65 meals served at the event.  Lots of photos were taken and it was very successful.

5.  Cllr Bolchover also reported that there has been a consultation taking place with regards to alterations in Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr.  Some leaflets were given locally.  Unfortunately Community Council was not notified.  They want capacity of 1280 within 2 years.   Members expressed concern with regards to the traffic issues, parking, pollution, access and egress from local homes.   Clerk to advise education department of the concerns with regards to the buildup of traffic, the accident potential.  The area cannot accommodate more issues of this nature.

6. Potholes were reported by 25 Woodlands on the County Council website.  These were rectified in a timely manner.

7. Cllr Holt reported that she attended the Remembrance service at St Johns and also along with other Councillors placed a poppy on the war grave.  Unfortunately the magnolia from the Triangle had been removed and the cherry tree put in its place.

8. Ros also reported that the St Johns Musical Players have had another fundraising evening in the Con Club for the veterans.  There has also been a singing carols and pub walk (including the Sandpiper) to raise money for the veterans.  

9.  On Saturday 22nd December the church choir will be going around the village singing carols.

10.  There is a broken drain at the bottom of Park Rd at the junction with Cecil Rd (on the opposite side to the post box).

11.  For info.  The primary school wants to be more involved in the community.  Cllr Holt attended wreath making which was meant to be a community event, but people weren’t aware.

12.  For info.  Cllr Holt has remaining raffle tickets and money from the Arts and Crafts exhibition.

13.  Cllr Small will purchase the grotto chocolates from Bookers as required.

14.  For info. The new primary school has lots of issues with glass panes with several of them broken.  This is due to the incorrect pressure pads being put on them originally.  There are several leaks in the roof and these have tried to be fixed many many times.  The work is due to be carried out but it is good to have such information.

15.  For clarification purposes the payment for Councillors of  £150 comes from the precept.

16.  The dog bin by the wardens house by Dan Yr Allt has the lid broken.



Following was resolved by Council:

1. 2018/2326

34 Elba Street, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3EE

Proposal: Single storey side/rear extension.  Advise Council that due to local knowledge we do not believe the plans are a true representation of area.

2. 2018/2420/TPO

16 Ffordd Alltwen, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3HG

To lop 1 Oak tree covered by 423.  If tree officer deem work necessary to health and safety members offer no objection.


3.  2018/2459

18 Mansel Street, Gowerton, Swansea, SA4 3BU

Installation of vertical lift with level access to the front of the property.  No Objection












































Meeting closed at 9:20pm                                                                                              



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