Minutes of the  Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

PRESENT:  Cllrs Linda Bolchover, Paul Emmerton, Ros Holt,  Beveley Jenkins, and Barbara Small


ALSO PRESENT:  Clerk - Serena Thomas


107.     APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr(s) Viv Davies, Gareth Evans, Ann Guard and Susan Jones.




109.     MEETINGS WITH:  None required




111.  COUNCIL MINUTES: 6th March 2019

a)  The Minutes were accepted as a true record

b)  Matters Arising: The written report of the Clerk regarding matters arising and subsequent actions taken was noted. 



Monthly meeting for March 2019

Meetings attended:-

Development and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel, Adult Services Performance Panel x 2, Trustee Panel

Equalities Scrutiny with the Veterans and Eyst (Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales)

Full Council, Governor Meetings at Gowerton Comprehensive School x 3.

Meetings with Officers:-

Highways regarding Elba Street

Additional Learning Needs Consultation Event.

Meeting in regard to the Rechabite Hall leasing arrangements.

It has been a busy month with issues with the installation of the new Traffic Light System. The traffic

build up around the village has been horrendous, there were complaints regarding the use of the

Doctors Surgery Carpark by the contractors. The contractors were very accommodating once they

had been approached by myself and one of the Doctors and they understood the issue.

There was a Memorial Concert held in Gowerton Comprehensive School for Ieuan (my husband) and

I would like to put on record my thanks to Cor Waunarlwydd, Gowerton Comprehensive School,

Bishop Gore Comprehensive School, and Jackdawgs for a wonderful evening which was bitter sweet

for myself and my family. It was organised by the choir and again I would like to thank all that

attended and donated (especially Mrs.Pearl Hill) to Marie Curie.

The event has raised approx. £2,000 for Marie Curie.

There have been some issues around the fence of the Elba Sports Complex and the fence has now

been repaired.

I have again funded the Wildflowers in the village and also ensured that funding is in place so that

the Veterans continue their weekly meetings at the Rechabite Hall.

The NEAT Team has been clearing the paths in the Park, and cleared some of the overgrowth on the

lane between the Comprehensive School and Gorwydd Road. They have done an amazing job. I am

now awaiting their help to clear the Library Carpark. The completion of the new roof in the Library

and the removal of the container in the carpark has taken place.

Can I highlight that domestic rubbish should not be put into the community litter bins, I witnessed

one lady doing this in Park Road and was waved off when I tackled her. We need to ensure

that the litter bins are not removed from the village for misuse please could you adhere to this


The steps into the Doctors Surgery have been repainted to help with visually challenged patients.

I have had a query regarding Electric Cars and charging points and have given information to Serena

to keep Gowerton Community Council informed. I have received a request for a play Street in

George Manning Way and am awaiting information from an Officer.

I have meet with the new Policing Personnel :- PCSO Christopher Williams and PC Sian Hill (Shift

Manager). There have been some issues in the village with damaged cars. Can I encourage you to

ring 101 for any incidents in the village.


My next surgery is on the first Saturday of the month. All Welcome.



15.3.19 Attended the launch of Swansea celebration year for city status in the Liberty Stadium. They would

Like all areas to do something to commemorate. I suggest in the first instance that we mark out 50 in flowers on our little Notice Board Garden – possibly also on the railway station.

20.3.19 Attended the award ceremony for Community Land Advisory Services where the local Friends

Group picked up an award for Management on our local Shaws Wood. A metal sign has been attached to the pillar there with the award. Once we get a boardwalk in place it is intended that we seriously apply for a Green Flag Award.

Attended meeting with Cllr Sue and Clerk in Guildhall to discuss future of small GCC extension at Rechabite. Waiting for meeting to view necessary infrastructure.

21.3.19  Attended concert in Gowerton School for charity Marie Curie.

Helped Ros Holt with the Railway Station Gardens. We noticed that the brambles are now massively

encroaching the end of platform and perhaps the size of the job to clear it back before it infringes the track

could be dealt with by the railway company.

Mid March: Planted the summer bedding in the Notice Board square and watered it a few times since – until the rains came. There are still a few items to go in – but when the weather is warmer. The little daffodils planted in December - prior the installation of the board have now started to flower.

I have received a request for a poster to be put for a few weeks in the Notice Board from the Gowerton

Starch facebook. This is a not-for-profit initiative and regularly posts information about the history, local

people and events in Gowerton. I propose that we accept this request.

Has Cllr Sue had any luck with providing a rubbish bin in this area – to include the bus stop. Also could I

suggest that, taking into account the need for parking for the shop, a small, narrow concrete raised bed for

floral items be tucked in behind the post box on Mount Pleasant? This area is woefully cut off, has social

problems, but the majority of the people here are ‘tidy’ and very social minded. They also need to see that

the Council cares about them.

Barbara has suggested that we use the remnants of the Black Hammerite paint to cover the historic

lamppost in Mill Street, but I can’t see it anywhere – has it been removed? Anyway I suggest that

we have enough paint to also cover the two seats that are opposite the entrance to the

Gowerton school. This would really smarten up that area – at one of the main roads into Gowerton?

(I could do this – it would only take about an hour)

 The rubbish dumped/fly tipped behind the post box area near Dan Yr Allt has not yet been removed

as well as that flytipping of bags in the corner of the green – in front of the Library. Could Serena

please chase.

There is a pothole on junction of Gurnos Road and Shaw Street. AND vehicles are now being parked

dangerously close to this angled junction. In the past I personally have had a car written off by people cutting the corner here and now – with the vehicles parked at the side of the long wall – right up the junction there is no way approaching vehicles can avoid going to the middle of the road.

Could we ask the Highways department to look at this junction and perhaps put some double yellow

lines – just near the junction of the two roads.

Received communication by resident of Porth Y Waun who was having difficulty accessing due to bad parking by parents when dropping/picking up children from Primary School.


After the installation of new traffic lights on Sterry Road/Bryn y Mor road, the surface of the

pavement outside the Nails Salon is a disgrace and dangerous. Loose chippings, uneven finishing.

Could Highways inspect and do a proper repair.

 ALSO there is a loose square manhole cover at the traffic light junction of Mill Street and Sterry

Road. The constant traffic coming from Mill St into Sterry Road over it creates a really awful noise, but it will eventually collapse the manhole and this would be really dangerous.

All Councillors will have received my proposed letter to all businesses in Gowerton regarding the formation

of a forum of business people (separate from the Community Council) – whereby they can move forward as a unified body to gain improvements to the economy of the area. Again we have more closures of

businesses and – looking at other areas, Sketty, Pontardulais, Ystradgynlais, Pontardawe, Gorseinon, Killay

–there is scope for improvement. Can I stress that I really feel that we cannot afford to just sit on our hands and let our village economy die – we must - as a responsible Council - try to provide solutions. Since

Formatting the letter, I have looked at the options and suggest that we call the initiative a Gowerton

Chamber of Commerce. I have discussed the POSSIBILITY of this with some of the businesses and I think

it might be accepted. I think a meeting should be suggested on a late morning time in the local area.




(a)           Miscellaneous


The written report submitted by the Clerk was noted.    RESOLVED that:

1.   Information re: existing Police office attached to Rechabite. Clerk advised members that she is still waiting for quotation for works to be carried out.

2.  Email from Democratic services with regards to comments re: Charter.  Clerk advised members that comments were submitted with regards to including the Biodiversity act as outlined by Cllr Bolchover.  Clerk was advised by CCOS that as this a legislative requirement they saw no reason to refer to it as it overarches their duty.

3.  Understanding Wales Website information request.  Noted. 


104(b)                                      Financial Matters

1.For Payment The following items are for authorization/ratification:




£ Amount












Telephone Adv. Charges





Bay Landscapes

Monthly Cutting Charge





Sage One

Online payroll system






Monthly printer ink








 The items of correspondence were noted.   







1.  Cllr Bolchover advised she has been approached re: far end of Fairwood Tce with regards to the dog mess in the area and the rubbish that has been dumped in this area.  Dog bin request for the area.

2.  The bin on Glanmorfa has still not been replaced.  This needs to be chased up once again.

3.  The Glanmorfa sign has fallen over again and needs putting in properly.

4.  Cllr Small advised that she has still not heard back from Brains brewery with regards to the upkeep and maintenance of the Welcome to Gower pub.

5.  The access to Gurnos Rd/Shaw Street is greatly impacted by the parking in the area.  The area needs to be inspected and parking addressed urgently.

6.  Blocked drains – Mansel Street/Mount Street junction, 93-95 Cecil Rd.

7.  Cycle path – by Bishwell, cars are parking in front of entry/exit causing potential danger.  This has been raised before, but this needs to be addressed.

8.  Cllr Holt advised she will be attending a concert in the Brangwyn Hall on the last Wednesday of the month.





1. 2019/0552 – 15 Clos Helyg, Gowerton.  Single Storey side extension. No Objection

2.  2019/0613 – 106 Sterry Rd, Gowerton. Two non-illuminated fascia signs.  No Objection

























Meeting closed at 8:10pm                                                                                              



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